46 thoughts on “Storage Sale Too Tempting to Resist

  1. Nice! No history teacher could walk way from those old Time magazines, they are too full of history. I’m a sucker for old mags too.

  2. "Will you take $3 for these? I've got a bunch of $1's, is that ok?"
    What? Are you going to pay in $5's instead?
    You should have named this video "I spent a lot of Time at this Garage Sale"

  3. Next time you go on vacation and garage sales..you need to get one of those bins for the top of your vehicle!!!!! Very difficult leaving the Time magazines behind.

  4. Pro tip, take a clothes iron to them. Make sure there is no water in the iron and that the cover surface is clean. Doing this will take the creases and folds out plus help loosen glue to remove postage label.

    Great find Kevin

  5. Kevin , great score on those Time magazines . I would buy every issue from 1938-1945 , and the 1956 Marlin Monroe issue . Also the Hitler person of the year was 1938

  6. Cool find 😊 I wish you would have picked up that Minion backpack I would have bought it from you. My sister is Minion crazy 😂 oh well. Great video 💕

  7. I had the same unicorn head. Our scholastic book fair theme was enchanted forest. I set up a striped marquee tent in my school library and the unicorn was centerpiece. I gave it away as a prize.

  8. Great video today. Kevin do you have any of the old Christmas dvds. I looking for Home Alone 1 & 2. Santa Claus 1 older ones like that? Please let me know. Happy holidays. Thank you, Darcie

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