37 thoughts on “Steam Winter Sale 2020 Finest Video games Underneath 10

  1. If you already have Pinball FX3 the DLC's are on sale. Just be aware that once in a while they will give the odd table away for free. Also try and avoid buying tables individually unless it is something you really want. The bundles are much better value. In my opinion the best pinball game bar none. I think I'll be adding the core collection. Four tables for £1:74. Not bad.

  2. Middle Earth Shadow of War is Cheaper than Shadow of Mordor…the sequel is cheaper than the prequel how strange is that 😂

  3. Obviously you can't cover everything, so some good games you missed under $10 are satisfactory, sea of thieves, medieval dynasty, oxygen not included, disco elysium, arma 3, factorio, terraria, the division, firewatch, what remains of edith finch, metro exodus, crew 2, the forest, hunter : call of the wild, raft, rust, red dead online, AC origins, etc

  4. Hey, LBG bro can you tell me what extension you use, I know you have told this before, but thing is I forgot what video was as well as the names.

  5. I am so excited because I'm going to buy my favorite game ever, and play it again after 7 years of waiting. (its Left 4 Dead 2 if anyones wondering)

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