1. Would love to see video with Steam games on sale for low-spec gamer. Specifically games that work on Integrated graphics. My business laptop has i3 5th gen and 12 gb ddr3 but no gpu. Im stuck out of town away from my 1660Ti/Ryzen 7 desktop rig. Others may find useful too. Happy Holidays — love your content!!

  2. I have this thing called "The Steam Sale Syndrome" where I buy games on sale just because they're on sale and I never play them. I almost have 1k games and I've played about 80 of them. Someone please help me…

  3. The Dishonored series is one of my favorite game series of all time.

    Dishonored for $2.99 is s steal, do yourself a favor and play it asap. The DLC is also well worth it so $6 for that too is also a great deal!

  4. Some other good titles I'd add would be Star Wars Battlefront which is now on sale for $3.99. It's the classic one from 2004 and I couldn't recommend it enough.
    Cold Fear for $1.99 was a pretty spooky, survival horror game. Play as a coast guard veteran who stumbles across an unresponsive, Russian whaler.
    DuckTales: Remastered for $3.74 might be a bit more niche as a platformer, but it may be best to give it a look before it gets removed from the store again because copyright nonsense.

  5. Every other title mentioned here is in my Steam Library and I have played only 2-3 games from it. Guess buying games is a completely different hobby than playing games.

  6. If you are waiting like you should for Cyberpunk, the redux of Observer is 70% off and $10. One of the better deals on a newer game i have seen.

  7. Good list here. Been looking for a Mac compatible game since my PC is currently unavailable. I might give Bastion a try as it is Mac compatible.

  8. I still have games I picked up last holiday sale I haven't played… I think I'm just addicted to the idea of being a gamer, but I'm actually a gigantic poser.

  9. I highly recommend sleeping dogs guys , the story and the gameplay atmosphere are really one of a kind
    You would be feeling as if you are in a movie not a game

  10. Have you heard of Back 4 Blood? It's basically Left 4 Dead 3 under a different name. Many of the devs worked on L4D 1 and 2, but their new game will be published by Warner Bros. Games. There was a closed alpha that just ended on Dec. 21st, but there might be more in the future. Current release date is June 22, 2021.

  11. Honestly, everyone hyping up CDPR as the best gaming company ever, but my boys at supergiant games and team cherry are where it's at!

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