34 thoughts on “Spouse Withdrawal | Life for Sale

  1. Is Ben's wife gaining all the weight that he's losing? At least she's not at all annoying. All easy going and supportive and all that.

  2. i dont know you ben and you dont know me but,you seem like a nice bloke,dont take offence from what im saying but please think of changing your lifestyle diet or your kids/wife will have lots of money but no father/husband,family is more important than money

  3. At 5:40 min. Camera goes to Sign , then Ben… As we say in NY. “NICE, REAL F’ing NICE”. and who pays your salary? You guys want to do good for him, get him a personal trainer, and chef. Then do a series. It will make for some great content. Or better yet, go to Pritikin. That where high wealth people go for their health. :-). It’s at The old Doral in Lauderdale whicH is now owned by Trump. You’ll add another 10-15 yrs to his life and have some fun doing it… I try to go once per year…You bring him, and I’ll sign up for that particular week…

  4. I had a friend like Brooklyn Mike years ago he would try to manage everybody’s life so we nick named him management , it stuck and god rest his soul but to the day he died he was known as management lmao

  5. LOve these vids and ben!! SMart man! Go on a health fitness journey and lose weight on camera. You can keep smoking through it. Then a goal for 1 year is to stop smoking after u get off the weight. we want you around another 25 years sir

  6. Ben you the man Happy new yrs to you and your family …..my new yrs really sucked my fiancé got diagnosed with Melanoma on the brain (cancer) …and we spent our new apart her in the hospital in and me at home…… like you say man we are here for a short time love you show keep up the good work much love from Ft. Lauderdale Florida 🤙🏽

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