25 thoughts on “Some necessary causes NOT to purchase Platinum in 2018

  1. If you have a choice to buy platinum or to hold on on your toilet paper printed by the Fed and the ECB,i think platinum is not a very bad choice to say the least.

  2. I think platinum the way forward at the moment it’s more rare than gold and the spotlights not on it the mo what goes a around comes around like the new metals you mentioned if it’s rare and low in price snap it up 🤞🏻hate the tax tho

  3. I think there will be new (unforseen) uses for Platinum within 10 or 20 years. Just like silver lost the photography market it gained in areas like solar and electronics.

  4. If south africa election goes in favour of the little nutter and it does follow the Zimbabwe route the price will rocket when supply issues occur and no one is really talking about it when you think they produce something like 64% thats a huge amount to lose and the 40% automotive will drop but wont disappear im looking to buy after there election and hold for 5 years max. Maybe the reason palladium performed so well last year

  5. Platinum demand will rise as it becomes less useful in the automotive industry. They will slowly stop mining it if there is less reason to. And, it will become very valuable. Palladium will continue being useful with high supply relative to it’s important role in automotive industries. Definition manipulation. Has more to do with the markets rather than its “rarity”.

  6. Is platinum bottomed? So why is the premium so high on platinum coins and bullion compared to gold when platinum is in such aslump/ bear market? Why do people pay the extra premiums over spot????

  7. I do stack some platinum. for a while I will purchasing equal amounts with gold. I now purchase more gold, and I am about to switch to increased silver purchasing. The platinum is so tempting. It went up considerably today $20/oz, but if it goes back down to $780 , (which I think it will) how do I not get some? it peaked at $ 2000/oz a few years ago. if china and india get serious about emmisions, I feel it will skyrocket, so I dont want to get caught with my pants down and not have any. I do believe there is inherent value in it. Its qualities as a metal are unique and useful, and as jewerly, its resistant to tarnishing. We'll see what happens with the price.

  8. Platinum is not recognized as a monetary metal because it is only mined in a few countries. Gold & silver are both monetary metals because they are both pretty much evenly distributed around the world. However if they ever stop mining platinum its value could go through the roof!!

  9. When gold was spiking I was looking at upping the stack, gold was too high and silver was heading up as well. I figured, to hell with it, palladium is only 350 buck so I bought a bunch of palladium maples.I am considering trading them for platinum currently as I see room for a good upswing. The strength of the long hold!

  10. I have one ounce of platinum. Bought it from Apmex for $969.47
    I also have fifty ounces of silver. Looking to get an ounce of gold.

  11. If you can get platinum cheap and can afford to keep it for quite a while, you might make a good profit. Similar to how palladium is running now. Just a few years ago a palladium investment $500 oz in 2015, doubled your money in 2018, platinum could do the same in a few years (or go even lower who knows), but because it is selling around the production price, I don't think it will go much lower long term.
    Plus, one thing platinum does that gold, silver and palladium don't is that it is very hard to counterfeit. The only metals denser than it aren't cheaper, so it is easy to verify it is real. Not so much for the other metals. 🙁

  12. The Pt and Pd mines are in Russia and S. Africa, both were dumping Pt and Palladium due to weak economy in their country and low oil price. As you say, some mines are likely to close as they are empty or uneconomic to dig further. I expect some upward move over 3-5 years. It could surge dramatically if we hit a serious world crisis as it did in 2008. True, the catalyser automotive use will slowly go down and already Pd is being used as an alternative. The chemical industry uses it as an hydrogenation catalyst but this is less large a market segment than for automotive. So agreed, longterm in 5-10 years one should have exited, unless new uses appear, too many mines close or there is a World crisis, so don’t forget your crystal ball!

  13. If you understand investing, you would know that all metals are a hedge against inflation, deflation, and stagflation. Lithium makes electric cars the most destructive environmental force in nature at a 20% market share,

  14. Platinum is BEST bet now, better then gold or silver. Price is at lowest (well was month ago). Also Diesels is most efficient and eco friendly cars. Sad people are dumb and brainwashed by stupid green people.

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