39 thoughts on “Skeppy & Low cost Skeppy Argue who BadBoyHalo Loves extra…

  1. I dunno if it's just me, But if I had a replacement because I wasn't around, I would be completely heartbroken. Like, if you want me, ask, don't get some replacement who says they're better and people prefer them when I'm not around ;-;

  2. Bad: jealous at skeppy meeting someone in real life

    Skeppy:jealous at bad trying to hang out with discount skeppy

    Me:bruh they both jealous

  3. Skeppy : He wants someone who is straight up with him he doesn’t want some AWH BAD MWAH MWAH MWAH


  4. As I feel bad for BBH- and skeppy and discount skeppy Ngl- some of the stuff skeppy said was kinda mean- (totally didn’t break my heart ;-;) and discount skeppy is just trying to help bad and bad is just BBH- he is there in the middle of the jealousy- sadness intensifying

  5. tbh skeppy was rigth and puffy was only a little rigth puffy lied about that he told him to kiss him wgat really happend was puffy told bbh to hug him and puffy gave bbh a hug then a kiss. so thats when skeppy was rigth

  6. Why is this video short and the others was so long this video it was going fine until it ended like u just wanted views for money u know what this channel is not fun anymore im unsubing i rather watch 11 year old kid than thid crap

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