Shortcut for % Phrase Issues: tax, reductions, gross sales! (Simplifying Math)

Shortcut for % Phrase Issues: tax, reductions, gross sales! (Simplifying Math)

For a whole sixth grade math course with classes, examples, supported follow, assessments and an finish in fact certificates, go to the hyperlink under! It may be …

25 thoughts on “Shortcut for % Phrase Issues: tax, reductions, gross sales! (Simplifying Math)

  1. You made percentage so freaking easy. I knew how to do it but I still struggled and out of all the youtubers on percentage I got your way so fast. The way you explained it made it so simple. Thank you and you got a new subscriber

  2. I truly thank you for helping us all about word problems, how to calculate sales tax, discounts and how to convert percent to decimals (which I had forgotten because I did it a long time ago)

  3. Ok so I did it right but I did wrong cuz then I did the 1.50/100…idk why I did that….when I was done I got the total and I'm like…wait…that can't be right…maybe I placed wrong number over wrong number kinda thi.g but….lol why did I do that??

  4. Thanks for the help! I had a 5th grade question about this in 6th grade, beginning of year assignment to check what we know about 5th grade. In 5th grade, we didn't even learn it, since are math teacher had problems with the students and didnt get to complete everythinf we were supposed to. But, this video helped a lot. Thanks!

  5. Your shortcuts were super helpful and easier to do, I've applied your concept to the 3rd practice problem and it gave me the same results. Thank you

  6. Thanks dude helped me so much! I now know how to do it all. I have been trying to find someone who explains it good and you explained it so well, keep it up.

  7. Wow, thanks for teaching this. It really helped me. When I was a kid, I wanted math to be one of the better subjects, but it was hard to figure out some of these math problems. I've been brushing up on my math skills for a year and have been watching your videos to get a better understanding. I finally get the concepts now and this is a much easier way of doing the math.

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