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  1. Since some of you are confused as to why I bought this horse if I don't like it, it's because I wanted to check out the animations "in-person". I thought that maybe they are a little different than how they look like in the trailer and that maybe star stable changed the animations atleast a little after all the constructive criticism they've received. I also bought it because I wanted to review it. It's unsettling to see that some people still cannot accept different opinions than their own. My opinion is valid even if it's not the same like yours. Your opinion is valid even though it's not the same like mine. No need to get all attacked just because I think differently of these horses than some of you do.

  2. Oh god. I feel like Star Stable just cares about the money from the horse they'll receive. I'm 150% sure, that they don't really like the animations of the horse themselves. If I was on their place, I would feel so bad for releasing such a broken, with unrealistic mane, tail and animations horse. I don't even understand how they get the courage to release it. I think the community would appreciate 2 months or more if needed of them working on this beautiful and majestic horses, and actually releasing good horses, than those. The neck is stiff, as always. The hard stop – glitched. The mane – separated in only 3 strangles. The tail – in only one strangle. The rear – looks like it's legs are broken and the horse is trying to shake them off. There are way too many idle animations. You make a special dressage move, still animations – but when the horse is in idle, it moves so freely. It just doesn't make scene. If you watch a real horse doing the canter pirouette, it is much different and the horse just doesn't land like this for a few seconds and then continue. It's more of a flying move than what's in SSO.

    I feel like the Star Stable team hopes to earn money from the horse, just because of it's beautiful and majestic appearance, because some people, that don't know the horse breed well, won't be mad at it. 950 is just NOT worth it for such a broken and glitched horse like this.

  3. I thought for a second he had fast forwarded it but it’s just all the animations going down within 30 seconds ☠️ I don’t hate this horse but I don’t love it. I think most of us want that feeling we got with the aqh , maybe this was rushed(?), compared to other breeds, this has likely been the most complex in terms of physic, hair, extra animations, and gaits bc I know sso can do some incredible things.

  4. never heard so much negativity in a video in my life. if you don’t fucking like the horse, sell it. it’s a game, it’s a JORVIK friesian. it’s their own friesian. get over yourself

  5. Highly disappointed in sso. 🙁 Considering how well they did with the previous horses I felt like they could’ve done SO MUCH better. These horses shouldn’t have been released into the game.

  6. Why did they ever think that these horses were ready for release? I just don’t get it, and now they’re not listening to their communities response. And isn’t this the third time they’ve changed the trakehners gaits? 🤨 I am so confused.

  7. If you knew anything about horses in real life then you would know this is one of the best horses Sso have made. THIS IS A GAME!!! It’s not going to be perfect and you have clearly never owned horses in your life and if you have then you are clearly not responsible. Stop winging and ride another horse if you don’t like it omg 😬🙄😂

  8. NGL this is the first time ever that I didn't like anything about a horse

    And I just wish they didn't ruin one of my favorite horses I loved my treakner now I just ahhhh

  9. I don't understand why you think it's so weird? Can you go into more detail on what is looking weird and why? I just want to understand.

  10. I am very disappointed because of the friesians.
    The trakehners gaits are better than before, but I will always missing the originals. And I will never understand why were they changed.

  11. Y'know, I was hopeful for the Freisians, seeing how SSO was releasing WIP's and accepting community input. And with that, I think the models turned out really well!
    …. But the animations …. They didn't show animations and it seems like they just went "Okay, just deal with it" and tossed them out to us. I don't like the walk, I feel like the trot and canter will grow on me, but the slow gallop and full gallop….
    I don't like the stretching when the rider is on, it makes the horse seem uncomfortable/tired, but I do like the other idle animation… But I do think it's one that the player should be able to do on command.

    Overall, for a staple breed of the game, this is a HUGE disappointment to me, and I honestly prefer the G2 Friesians.

  12. It's nice that they tried to give them a personality but the main and front legs need some work. I was honestly hoping for a more regal looking face too, not a goofy one.

  13. tbh i don't like there idle but IN MY OPINION, I think sso worked really hard on them and we never stop asking them for stuff and I'm just really thankful for the new friesian but everybody has there own opinion so don't hate on me

  14. I personally am not one to judge animations there for the only animation i have a problem with, with the Friesians is the petting one, the idle kind looks like Andy idles accept for the stretch and i think the body is ok, the hair does look a bit stiff, i wish is was more like the jorvik wilds mane, the 2 braid thing looks ok i just wish it actually was on the body while idle not floating, i think the Friesian is very goofy and the reason why i can accept that is because IM goofy so yeah, stars table could have done better but its definitely not the worse horse sso has given us

  15. I do admit the new friesian horse has its flaws but i personally really enjoy the horse though im only level 7 i most likely will buy it when im high enough level its just the mane i hate the most and the tail it should be more than 3 strands and the tail is just a giant cube, but other than that i love the gaits and everything else, though id admit when you pet the horse the tounge animation is kinda weird

  16. When are people going to realize that sso has a style. They did so much in one update and we cant even take a little joke? Their gates are sso's style and in my opinion literally perfect. And its not as if this dude has a good opinion against if the horse has a movement like the basic games. Don't forget youre in a cartoonish world with cartoonish figures. They try their best and behind the screen are real people working that try to make us happy.

  17. I’m actually disappointed in this update. Doesn’t look good at all. The fast canter looks like a big lick saddlebred and lame.

  18. Not to be mean or anything, but have you ever seen a frisian in real life, like not on video but actually in real life, because I work with them everyday and I think sso did a good job on them, yes the thing they do when you pet them, the mane and the rear are broken af but the rest looks pretty good, because honestly the best way you can describe the gallop of a frisian gallop is that they are like bunny hops but that would look even weirder in game

  19. I hate the friesian, everything about it is gross it looks like an alien and it make me uncomfortable, and yes where I agree the trakener’s (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) animations look bad they are still better then the old ones in my opinion

  20. I'm so disappointed lmao, I was so happy about the AQH Remake with the smooth animations and now this again..idk why but the horse looks so unfinished and rushed..the animations are really weird, they are stopping in the middle and return really fast to the normal animation again..

  21. They legitimately give me gen 1 vibes which if you like that good for you but gen 1 doesnt belong in gen 3 it belongs in gen 1 no where else

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