26 thoughts on “Shopping for TEA At The Grocery Retailer – What To Look For…And Keep away from!

  1. Please! I love your teachings!
    But put items back on shelves FACE FORWARD! You're messing up the work of Conscientious Stockers! TY 😬

  2. I just drink kaddak chai with some Ginger and cardamom. I hate tea bags. I use Taj Mahal or red label we get in indian stores In USA.

  3. Thanks for sharing info many customers don't know! When our family started at the local farmer's market, some industry leaders wondered "how did you get blueberries to taste like that?" "ummmm….we picked wild blueberries…." "No, really….what flavorings did you use?" {Confusion} "uh, we just picked wild blueberries and dried them." "Psh, no one does that!" {Walks Off}
    Since then we've learned there are only a few other tea makers out there doing all natural, no chemical tea blends. Thank you for your work!

  4. I have never seen a supermarket that sells loose tea and can fill it into my own glass.

    the finished teas in the can or bottle are quite expensive. I know it more that they usually cost around 1-1.50 in organic.

  5. I only drink organic coffee. Coffee is so heavily sprayed, and being a farm girl, I know the plant 🌱 takes in the toxins from the soil. It does not just stay on the surface of the berry. It is not protected from being sucked up by the roots. I get jittery from commercial coffees. Stick with organic.

  6. I have an Asian market by my house. I have purchased their authentic Japanese green tea and it blows all these teas out the water. The more authentic the tea is, the more benefits❤

  7. May I make a suggestion…buy a tea ball and do an instruction video on the size and amount of loose leaf tea you need to pack for a pot of tea or a cup of tea. It would be more eco-friendly that way.

  8. Very good video. Thank you for uploading good content.
    btw. Yerba Mate it's pronounce just like it's written "Y" erba Mate.
    The "Y" isn't silence. Think of it as a double "LL" in the Spanish word "lluvia".

  9. I believe lots of matcha green tea from Japan is polluted with radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown that is still going on. Japan is trying to dump tons and tons of polluted water that was used to cool the nuclear rods into the ocean.

  10. Please remember this: If you are going to buy loose leaf tea (which yes, is great) you should either have a tea strainer of some sort (whether its in the tong form, the ball and chain form), or a sifter form (which is what I have). If you have a teapot that has a built in infuser or leaf separator that's good too. If you don't have these, yeah I guess you can spoon out the leaves in your teacup, but it can be very messy and take a lot of time. So if you don't have any type of strainer or infuser and you don't want to spend your time spooning out tiny bits of leaf, then I suggest you go with a tea bag. And also yes, you can also use the tea bags in the videos description

  11. Rooibos is a tea that can only be produced in South Africa. It's considered a super food/ drink as it has high amounts of antioxidants (50% more than that in green tea). It even has AHA (alpha hydroxi acids) in it's most natural form and we know how skin care enthusiast love aha😅. It can prevent diabetes (not cure it) and it's may treat cancer (studies are still in process). Rooibos is the best tea in my opinion😅… Much love from South Africa❤️🇿🇦.

  12. So sad to figure out Honest Tea isn’t the best for you. I’ve been a stan for YEARS. Even with the unsweetened ones, I’m so sad but thanks for the awesome information! Also, would love to know the best kind of matcha powder you have found for drinking! I’m still in the hunt. They vary so much in color and I’m wondering if that has anything to do with knowing if it’s better or not for you? Thanks so much for consistently giving out useful healthy information!

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