22 thoughts on “Shopping for Property in Turkey

  1. Great video Mick so much information and straight to the point sorry I can’t call you Mick Amca because I’m older than you mate only five years🧿❌🧿❌

  2. Hello, from Scottsdale Arizona USA.

    Thank you for doing this episode.

    We're thinking of buying something in Turkey and found it very informative and helpful.

    Perhaps you can provide the contact information for the individuals mentioned.

    Thank you for your videos.

  3. Hi uncle mick, when I live in İstanbul I was watching your videos then I moved to London. Now I am in quarantine and still watching your videos 🙂 hope we meet in london or fethiye . Love to you and your wife

  4. Nice one guys, just what we wanted to see and here. I think a further film and advice would help a lot of UK/Europeans buy property in the region. Many thanks.

  5. 1 Pound is equal to 10.3 Turkish Lira. If you invest 250 thousand dollars you can even get citizenship. It is so bad for Turkish people but for foreigners it is heaven. If you are thinking to buy house I think you should find a trustful Turkish friend so they can make bargain for you.

  6. uncle honestly we watched your video 6 months ago and we buyed online our house just came back from fethiye what a lovely place first time been there perfect so many options for holiday.

  7. Thanks Mike for the informative video. Would you recommend to buy a property in Sarigerme ? Would love to hear your opinions about sarigerme .Thanks a lot

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