41 thoughts on “Shopping for My Son "Woman Toys" From Amazon!

  1. I don’t think kids care about the color more so about what the item does and if it’s entertaining enough. But you could try and buy two of the same things and one boy colors and the other girl colors and see which one he chooses. It’s the same item that does the same thing, but just different colors.

  2. I agree with colleen, but in the event that the product has cosmetics or paints, red pigments cost more. Pink is based in red, and if there are alot of red-based products, it will drive the price up. Thats not to invalidate at all the problem of female products being more expensive, thats disgusting. The argument can sometimes be misconstrued if you haven’t considered the price of manufacturing certain products.

  3. Momma gives all kinds of toys to flynn but not everyone can afford to buy all kinds of toys for their kids. I wonder if Colleen will buy Flynn a pink dress just to be sure he is or is not interested in dressing like a girl so we must keep tuning in so see what surprises Colleen has in store for her fans.

  4. I couldnt watch yesterday…SOOO today i tried twice and it wasnt here, NOOOW its back so YEEEESSSSS!

    After seeing the comments i see why it may got taken down for a little SMH!

  5. I wear my brothers old shirts 👕 and I like teal 💙 and I like nightgowns and dresses 👗 and I also love ❤️ being on FaceTime with my friend all night and I only like American 🇺🇸 girl 👧 doll and Animal crossing and I’m 9

  6. I just love this video so much. My 8 year old is obsessed with barbies and creating his own clothes for his dolls. In my home there is NO gender stereotypes. Thank you so much for this video. My son loved it.

  7. Colleen, as someone who feels as though has grown up watching your videos, it's beautiful seeing you raise your son. It's honestly very admirable, as I hope to one day do something similar :). Watching videos like this really brings a smile to my face.. so thank you

  8. I like blue and i am a girl and it is normal and if a boy plays with pink people are like no no no and i am like let him play with pink yes

  9. I’m like Rachael lol I don’t like pink and purple and what ever Colleen said I used to like build a bears but I like turtles and soccer The Who was show my favorite subject Science lol

  10. When Flynn picks the pink bracelet, Colleen: Point proven
    When Flynn picks the blue heels, Me: Now, it's a bit unproven.

  11. Colleen you are my literal favorite I’ve been obsessed with you since quarantine! i know how much you love doing your shows and I’ve been meaning to tell you-the word valentines in your big Miranda card is missing the cross on the T. I know this is an insane thing to notice, and the corrections you’ve been getting have been LIT lately, but I feel like you will be hard on yourself if you realize it after the fact😂 I doubt anyone would ever notice but omg I was like I have to tell her!!! Especially since you mentioned you’d be doing fan valentines with it 💝 Sending love to you Eric and Flynn!

  12. You go too overboard, obviously boys can like pink, it’s 2021, most people have grown up and can accept that. This video was uncalled for and Flynn is still gonna choose the cars over the tiara so all of your comments were just calling out girly girls for liking toys targeted for girls. It’s just marketing

  13. When I was young if I would've told my mom I would like a barbie, she would slap the 💩 out of me before I finished that sentence.

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