9 thoughts on “Shopping for in Bulk to Promote on Amazon FBA to Make Cash

  1. Wick my man today thrift store ncaa6 omggggggggg look im on thier jano7626 110 dollars i listed i think 80 i paid 1 dawg gone in my pocket got dat dollla boiiiii actually bought 78 games psp moviss n stuff gona make bought 600 im bought to list them im on week 6 on ebay follow mw wick im learning from u my guyyyyyy oh yeah im on amazon now straight fba ajdirectconect

  2. Always good to have multiple marketplaces to sell, sometimes selling a single item at a time could be too slow. Selling in bulk to get cash flow back is always an option too. Check out our marketplace if you looking to sell in bulk lots, there are others out there too that help.

  3. 3:06 He's really wrong.
    I always buy stuff from "amateur" photos.
    Be it a good way or bad, I'm not the only one who buys from those types.
    Just something to ponder.

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