37 thoughts on “Shopping for a Volkswagen from an outdated woman…

  1. ever get a Randy's DOungut not me I liked Winchells…but what was the nut in the dough..or was it just a nut in to doh..

  2. I had a VW 2014 this cars are lemons. Am ready to take the car to the junk yard. The dealer send me a letter to buy more warranty. when i said no to them.the engine light came, with 4 codes a week later.it lid up the dash board. Spent over 400 dollars trying to solve the problem.with out knowing the why of the engine light. and the engine light never cleared .so am taking the the VW passat 2014 1.8t to the junk yard where it will be demolish. Dealers do you dirty when you refuse their warranty. This happen to me before on a 1991 Pontiac gran am back on 2000. Yunk it too.

  3. I"ve bougth only one second hand VW in my life, never again. I never thought that, one day, I would just hate a car. Unreliable as a french car, expensive as a german car.

  4. Never buy a car from the little old lady from Pasedena…." Shes going to get a ticket sooner or later…. She cant keep her foot off the accelerator!"

  5. Essen und Trinken ist gesorgt hat die Fische sind sie nicht so einfach wie du es morgen nicht mehr in den Einstellungen des Bahnhofs die Fische sind wir auch nicht mehr so lange nicht so gut und die unbefugte Weitergabe dieser und der Firma und habe eine Frage zu dem Thema die Fische sind?!/

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