23 thoughts on “She Bought Me THIS At Her Storage Sale…

  1. Taco you talk about going to college and thats really cool but i laugh because so many people have made fun of me over years for trash pickin and buying from garage sales and reselling at the flea mkt. I actually started in 1978 with my mom but what im getting to is you know the secret…you be your own dam boss on your own dam time do what you love and if you try make a darn good livin at it as where using a college degree has you in an office all your life kissing butt to someone else ….hats off to ya ..lol im a little older now i mostly just look for gold at garage sales and make pretty good for extra income …but we are the smart ones Taco.

  2. Please look closely at the book you said was "stamps". Could it be some type of ration stamps used during WWII? You had some other stuff in that box from 1944.

  3. CHANTING – We want Salsa! We want Salsa! We want Salsa! We want Salsa! We want Salsa! 🐶 Love your videos 🌮 – But Salsa is a RoCk StAr!!!!! 🌟 💫 🌙 ☀️ 💨 ☔️ 😃 🐶 💃

  4. Made me laugh out loud when you turned that Elephant upside down thinking that was they way it went! Great Video…keep em coming please! Nice of you to get that stuff for Renee too.

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