Senator Exposes How Billionaires Purchase The Courts

Senator Exposes How Billionaires Purchase The Courts

Political corruption is getting uncovered by this senator. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur talk about on The Younger Turks. Maintain Hope (and TYT) Alive:

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur

Solid: Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur


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20 thoughts on “Senator Exposes How Billionaires Purchase The Courts

  1. Lol I thought I was watching Saturday Night Live while this quack job was over there explaining his conspiracies, complete with a freaking board. Lmao.

  2. Sheldon Whitehouse did a great presentation on dark money. If ACB isn't gonna answer basic questions like is voter intimidation illegal than you might as well use your time for something worthwhile.

  3. Ok so donations are bribes. I agree for the most part. Here's the problem though. You ban that it's not like seeking political influence is going to disappear from the human condition so where does it go and what shape does it take? Answer that question well and I'll send wolfpac a bribe.

  4. Has anyone noticed Amy's eyes they look reptilian or alien all jokes aside. I called a friend and asked him to look at her eyes and tell me what they look like without even saying anything about them to him and his response was WTF she looks reptilian her eyes are not normal and he also spoke on her demeanor he said no emotion and evasive hiding if you will! I'm just saying I thought something was wrong with my flat Screen TVs.

  5. Heh more conspiracy theories from the Left, not only do Billionaires overwhelmingly support the Left but they spend way more money. ;3

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