39 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A9 Unboxing & Fast Assessment- Is It Value Shopping for? Not Positive?

  1. The only thing I like about this and the A7 2018 are the wide angle lens. Other than that I wouldn't trade my Note 8. (unless it's a Note 9)

  2. Be frank… Don't you think the camera is crap compared to the hype? I had tested it in a Samsung showroom and the camera sucks…

  3. Having a Samsung user since 2012 till now… I can place my bet on the camera quality of Samsung…
    Samsung offers amazing camera even in single lens… And here it is a combination of 4 cameras, so it would be undoubtedly an amazing phone in terms of camera quality.

  4. beautifully buid/design phone..
    pricing could be better// specification could be better..
    proper dual sim with expandable storage ..is very gud

  5. The new camera beast in the market with all the cameras in the smartphone world but little high price for the specs, great video Sir!!

  6. Has a cheap processor and GPU for 37k
    Has 5 cams yet not even 1 has OIS.
    No Samsung One UI for these phones.
    Only the 24MP cam is usable, I mean who is going to take wide angle shots if the result is poor image quality due to low 8MP sensor.
    C'mon Samsung, we know you are struggling but you need to up your game to stay relevant.

  7. Awesome design back finish is just superb. Super camera ..yes quad camera. Loved its camera. They should have given better processor.
    Nice Unboxing 👍👍👍

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