33 thoughts on “SALES Methods – How To Persuade A Buyer To Purchase From You

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  2. I Heard before, customers got confused when giving them more than one option. Confusión leads to no trusting and so customers Will end UP going away and not buying. How woukd you explain this idea?

  3. I know how you can sell something get into peoples emotions and "promise" them the benefits if they learn your information and use that info as a asset to gain u money And idk advertise some books well done

  4. But how I'm going to apply this on fashion cloth businesses. Like how to convince them to buy my fashion cloths, how to used it with this three choices.

  5. Question: when doing this how would I go about doing a collection of things ie. I’m selling lashes and each lash is $16.99 as an offer you can get 4 for $67.96 now do I scale that up or down? $65 they get a 2.96 discount or do I scale it up to 67.99? Third option $100 for four lashes, applicator, glue, scissors and luxurious packaging…… would love to hear a response. thank you

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