Rolex January 2021 worth improve CONFIRMED by AD Workers – BUY NOW – SELL LATER?

Rolex January 2021 worth improve CONFIRMED by AD Workers – BUY NOW – SELL LATER?

Channel pleasant Authorised Rolex Vendor staff ‘verify’ January 2021 worth improve. If you happen to take pleasure in my work you possibly can help my Channel right here: …

36 thoughts on “Rolex January 2021 worth improve CONFIRMED by AD Workers – BUY NOW – SELL LATER?

  1. People tend to forget the state of the world economy’s. US especially, our currency is dying. It’s less them raising and more our dollar losing value.

  2. The success of rolex is primarily based upon the fact that their prices are so low relative to the quality of what you are getting and also relative to the competition.

  3. Rolex lost my custom years ago when while walking into a AD, I enquired about an Oyster Pep, he took one look at me in my jeans and jumper, he smiled and said "our watches are for our 'Special Clients' only……. it was just the way he came across that got to me, very nasty little man he was. I'll have to do a video on it, as this treatment is getting far too common, at least that's what I've heard.

    Looks like I'll be going with a Breitling and hope I'll get some better service.

  4. Why ? Because they can. Is not that the Steel went up, .. It should be that if the Swiss Frank goes down and British Peso gets stronger the prices should drop .

  5. Great video Paul 👍
    Bought a rolex from a AD. Baring in mind I have smaller than average wrist size (under 7 inche) the watch was sold to me brand new paid full retail, strange thing is it was sized already when she first showed me it, I assumed there would be extra links included as normally I would have to take at least 2 links out of brand new watches. Within 12 hours I returned to the store as after closer inspection I noticed the crystal has a chip. Upon returning to the store I asked if there was supposed to be extra links and was told no they do not come with any extra links. I'm not convinced of this. I'm still waiting for the watch to be returned with a new crystal but I would like to know if it 100% should have extra links. I plan on asking again when I collect the watch.
    Cheer mate

  6. If Rolex want to get up as high as patek they need to get rid of the OP and date just models. Entry level watches at £4K is not pateks way of doing things

  7. Once Rolex has reached their desired price tag, supply will suddenly meet demand.
    It wasn’t that long ago I went to my AD and the ‘Hulk’, ’Batman’, no date sub, and every other steel sports they offer were readily available.

  8. Like your channel alot very interesting. And clear. Can you do a peace on why the lower price submariner watches etc no one can just go out and buy one . These big advertisements about them everywhere
    .is so people who can aford the lover prices
    Can't get them just taulk about rolex watches.making the well known name more indemand .so people with money no problem go and buy more expensive rolex which are far more common and rolex make more money .I wonder how many lower price rolex s are made knowing not to make anyone get one . So far few submariner s are made . ….I hope you do a taulk on your channel as this as gone on for years .I gave up 3 years ago trying to buy one . Shame realy as I like the watches. ….p.s keep up the good work

  9. My AD got caught selling all hott watches to one guy who posted them on youtube and Yelp. I called them out on that and they hooked me up with a hott model within weeks. Dealers and Scams to the max

  10. The Patek route? They make 800K plus watches a year versus 50K Pateks. They will never be Patek. They are not rare or exclusive. Just go on Chrono 24. You can buy anything you want if you want to pay a premium.

  11. Happy New Year Paul.
    I haven’t always agreed with your point of view and have sometimes posted to say so but that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect you or the channel.
    It just means that a dealer and a enthusiast/collector sometimes look at things differently.
    Thanks for the content and here is to an interesting (and hopefully a bit more normal) 2021 👍

  12. Understandable. Rolex increase their RRP which means less profit for the flippers, unless they can pass it on to the people who are already being mugged. Less profit for flippers means potentially less flippers.

  13. Rolex will do whatever they want so even if they increase the price by 30%, their watches will still get sold. On top of that, they may even limit the availability even more 🙂

  14. I’ve decided in 2021 to spend my hard earned on everything else that starts with W
    I have three things thus far can you guess
    Happy New Year

  15. How about taking about other brands ? With the EU deal there is a change that will affect watches in the UK. The change is there is no more duty free sales. This should mean more availability of watches since EU and buyers from Asia etc won't be able to claim Tax back if they buy a watch in the UK this should decrease demand from tourists. I disagree that Rolex are making their watches exclusive by making them impossible to buy that is done by the AD's and flippers.

  16. Was in Rolex Sydney and sales assistant advised of price increase. She also suggested that me and my family buy other branded watches in store to have a better chance of getting an steel sports watch.

  17. I got my Sub no date 26mths ago after an 8mth wait. I knew it would appreciate over time but things are moving faster than I ever thought. Best of look to those who are still trying to get theirs, I hope you get it and don’t have to wait too long.

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