Rockstar's Bounty: Big Reductions and Bonuses in At the moment's Purple Useless On-line Replace!

Rockstar's Bounty: Big Reductions and Bonuses in At the moment's Purple Useless On-line Replace!

Snow was faraway from Purple Useless On-line in At the moment’s Weekly Purple Useless On-line Replace, in addition to 3x gold in a featured PVP Sequence. However we’ve superior …

47 thoughts on “Rockstar's Bounty: Big Reductions and Bonuses in At the moment's Purple Useless On-line Replace!

  1. I HATE how awesomely realistic and period correct this game strives to be, yet 3 cards in my pocket make me bullet proof? Or rather make me more lethal? I wish certain abilities such as strength, aiming ability, and bullet proof-ness came with rank, but not so much that it becomes an unfair fight. In the spirit of competition, this aspect of the game is geared to encourage cowardly tactics and cheating. Of which I don't mind when it comes to making money in the game, but as for the combat element of the competition, If you need to cheat to compete then your FUK'n WEAK!!! Since GTA5 it seems all RockStar games has done is embed these exploits as Easter eggs or some shit. It's not just them either. ALL Video Games are pretty much TRASH these days. They look real nice on the TV but play like absolute SHIT! And fuk it…

  2. If you freeze in the haircut menu, just choose the lowest one, then you can choose again and move on from there.

    It usually took me two or three tries to get all the way through.

  3. Idk if it's only me but the game doesn't let me look at the hair choices. It freezes whenever I scroll past a certain hair style and it doesn't go away. I know it's not that big of a deal considering it's just hair, but what's the point of having free haircuts all week if you can even look at them.

  4. hi pvp cat, great info. i have a question: why some players can respawn wherever I am eventhough they are not in my friendlist, eventhough I teleport and change session. Thanks for answering.

  5. Hey i just bought the Nacogdoches saddle for my horse, It showed that it added 3 golden bars to my horse even tho it had 2 grey bars in acc and spd after I've exited the stable it showed 0 gold bars on my horse.and I did equip it probably

  6. Now, I just sign on to do 1 General Challenge, then I'm gone until the next day. I must have done 15-18 hours a week before then.

  7. im glad the snow is gone pvpcat, while it looks normal and crisp in colter it just looks like a blind storm everywhere else so i prefer it gone but its going to haunt me knowing that every december im going to be blind for a month.

  8. Hey cat, what do you think of the bow vs the improved bow nowadays (which is better for pvp mostly) and are your ability card build guides still up to date or has the game changed since then at all? Thanks

  9. After the Tuesday update, the Cattleman revolvers are completely OP, especially in free aim. I call for a thorough OnlyPVPCat investigation.

  10. Just waiting for the naturalist buy in to go on discount so i can use it to just fill up on cripps, want to save gold for the mansions that will come in 2030

  11. Great video PVPCat! "ALL THE PEAS AND BEANS!!" This week's updates are actually decent as described, but for those Tuesdays that suck, players should dedicate Tuesday to the clowns. Just a solid tradition on Tuesdays…"Red Dead Clown Tuesday". Make it happen Cat!!

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