Robinhood APP – How I BUY and SELL shares with no fee charges!!

Robinhood APP – How I BUY and SELL shares with no fee charges!!

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35 thoughts on “Robinhood APP – How I BUY and SELL shares with no fee charges!!

  1. i dont get it you, bought it at 1.61 but the app bought it at 1.69? was it that you purchase while the stock was up but the page didnt refresh?

  2. I'm new to trading. Currently paper trading, hoping to start actually trading very soon. Thanks for the video. This was helpful

  3. I am new to this should I buy penny stocks or more expensive stocks I am mainly looking for profit even if it’s risky

  4. Thank you! I've looked at a minimum of 15 videos that say "basic buying and selling on Robinhood" but none of them were "basic"………………………. so this was perfect and exactly what I needed!!! Thx!

  5. Im new to investing and your videos really give me and idea of how to play the market. Still learning and watching vids. Will leave likes and currently sucribed! 👍

  6. If you had the option to buy a few shares of big stock like Amazon, Tesla, Apple etc. would you rather invest in those or in bulk of shares that were significantly less like 15-25 a share?

  7. Great video man! I'm a silver stacker and now I've found this app…I downloaded it and going to connect my checking to it. I've never invested in the market, all my silver is physical form…is this Robinhood platform safe for silver? Of course silver is risky no matter what..but is it worth the risks( storing, buying, protecting) physical silver compared to playing the market?

  8. is there a time limit for me to sell a stock? or can I hold onto it as long as I want? like if i was to do a one day market order??

  9. When I buy a stock it keeps buying it for 2cents higher than it's showing is there a reason for this? I double checked it today and it def happened

  10. So when you buy a stock and your final pay is some cents higher per stock, is it because of the chart not being exactly live? Or is it like a tax fee? Why does this happen?
    Good video btw, Ima try limit buying now 😀

  11. So after your selling order has gone through, does your buying power go up by the amount that you sold? How long does it take for the order to go through?

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