1. I love Positano !! I love the Amalfi Coast. Driving? Whew…climbing the steps to these places requires Olympic stamina, much less carrying groceries !!

  2. Non so cosa sia più bella; la spettacolare villa in questo posto da sogno oppure Danilo che è un stra figo della Madonna! 😍😘

  3. I see all this comments asking if Signore Danilo "comes with the villa?" and i think its not nice and very inapropriate. Only because someone looks good, it doesnt mean that people can just hit on him in this nasty way. Women scream if they get harrased or cat-called..sorry: but it is also not ok to talk like this to a man! And especially not on his professional real-estate channel! He deserves respect too!

  4. 2:25 This outdoor kitchen is amazing! The colours of the tiles are madness..! 😍 Wonderful property, amazing if one can live there.. i think i would for sure instantly stumble over these Cactuses when walking through the garden in the evening.. 😂

  5. Many of us maybe don’t know it..but actually you need strong expertise to design, construct and maintain such a structure on that type of ground. Italians have a long-standing tradition in terrace house engineering and architecture design, and this is a great example of that. How gorgeous!

  6. My partner and I agree, you are the BEST real estate tour guide. Your channel is the BEST real estate program we have ever seen. You’re straight to the point, you give detailed explanations for areas of the house and you are the first person to actually describe the layout and walkways of the house so that we can feel as though we are there with you.

    I also love that O Sole Mio is playing in the background.

  7. I already in love with Positano, watching Nicki from the Positano Diaries and now your amazing video of my favourite place in the world. Love your channel. Greetings from Canada 🙂

  8. The most beautiful coast in the world… I live close the Amalfi coast it's about 80 km far from my house. I used to go there with my motorbike sometimes which is fun but few days ago I bought a car which is better to take with you your baggage or laptop etc compared to a motorbike if you want to spend more than 1 day there.
    So I can't wait to spend more time on the Amalfi coast after this shitty pandemy,
    I love when it's crowded with tourist!!

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