1. I am not sure how I ended up here but it was recommended and I didn’t realize it was a real estate virtual tour. Well thanks for the presentations. And hello from Texas

  2. I love Venice. I have stayed at Hotel Cavaletto each of the many times I visited. I wish my Italian was as good as your English, but it's not bad. Your video makes me want to visit again, and hopefully I can once the pandemic is over.

  3. So where do they park their cars? I always imagine people living there have to walk so far with like all their groceries..or they all have a boat?

  4. Beautiful property! The funny thing is, when I went to Venice in December 2019, I took a photograph of this house, because I liked so much the crossing of the channels. I also wondered who might live in this stunning house with its own bridge.

  5. 690k isn’t exuberant for what I’m seeing. Sure, it’s a Little special with the division of rooms and the materials used but I understand it’s somewhat local and traditional. Keep more videos coming! 🙂

  6. very nice but i think downstairs courtyard would flood with the aqua alto. i loved the courtyard area it reminded me of pompeii villas

  7. What a beautiful gem this house is, I just started following your videos, and one thing that I noticed and I believe your other fans will say it too, is that you respond to our comments. That says a lot about you , I appreciate it. I live in NYC and it's nice to travel to Italy even if it's just on our phone from all the NYC and LA house showing videos for a change. 😌 🇺🇲

  8. Elegant property, being shown by a very elegant man!👍
    Both truly Italian👍👏👏
    Mr. Danilo you sure carry your clothes well sir!👍

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