Renault Triber Proprietor Says – DON’T BUY

Renault Triber Proprietor Says – DON’T BUY

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43 thoughts on “Renault Triber Proprietor Says – DON’T BUY

  1. DIL SE ……..44000 ke upper happy customer hain jo is car ko dil se lagakar rakhtein hain .Triber pasand karne wale sirf MIDDLE class family ke log hain aur Renault ne ek acchi budget me 7 seater mpv nikalkar bahut accha kam karke dil jit liya hain .hum itne Amir nahin jo ertiga innova fortuner endeavor kharid sake .Like for Triber.✌😊😍💪

  2. Banda showoff kar raha ha.. Budget kam fir bhi car chahiye badiya car.. Bhai ecosport bech kar triber liya.. Wahh.. Ise kahte he samajdari.. Badme bolte triber don't buy

  3. Ek gareeb jiska budget hi 7lkh tk hai and family bdi hai uske liye car kya buri hai, itne price me so called budget friendly car manufacturer maruti bhi is segment me ecco se upar kuchh nhi de paya.
    Kal ko ise innova se compare krne mt lg jana

  4. Total worst video. Both are talking only bakwas.
    I own this car I never face any problem with any point which his dumb man said.

  5. Ye Lamborghini me bhi problem nikal dega chutiya admi, isko gadi chalana hi nahi aata isko TRACTOR ya JCB de do usme jayada safe rahega .

  6. It's really a very practical n value for money car…safe chahiye itna to tank le lo bhai aur power chahiye to farrari le lo.

  7. Maine ye gaadi li hai aur Mai Goa me he rehta hu but I have done Bihar to Goa in 2and half days that's 2200 km and yes car gave milage of 17on highway and it was Hella comfortable for my family on the whole trip and the ghat section from Belgaum to Goa was awsm

  8. And this is why motoroctane is 😌loosing views totally negative people 7lakh me Ferrari chaiye Bhai ko
    (I also have the tako meter reset issue but no big of a deal)

  9. He meant to say Swifts engine Refinements & driving dynamics are far better than Triber.
    He has the experience of Ford's Ecosports hence he is aware of built Quality, Safety, Refinements & Excellent After-Sales Services.
    Its a low budget MPV & what more can you expect Renault to offer you. Magnite will also offer you the same with new clothing changes & feel good features.
    If there are 1st time budgeted customers who wants more for less with all compromises except looks & Price they will continue with such products unless we stop buying them. Renault-Nissan should have launched these delicate Triber & Magnite cars under brand Datsun only. I am surprised Renault-Nissan as a Co. is not worried of their brand image but are only interested in surviving in India with these substandard products.

  10. Plz don’t buy this car…Its pathetic…very poor built quality…My odo is just 6000km and Lots of rattling sound,Dash board sound,Sound from suspension links(generally audible in old maruti cars)…Highway is very unsafe as suspension is on tuned up accordingly

  11. I felt very sad not about this guy, but about motoroctane. I don't know what was the intention. Take it as a challenge and prove it right. Don't just say everything is an issue. See all the comments, how can you do this. This is really heartbreaking for all Triber owners. I drive under mixed conditions yet getting 15kmpl. Don't make us feel shy infront of others for buying this car. At least you should have thought about your reputation sir.

  12. Yeah banda total show off and bakwass kar raha. jisko car ke bare me kuch nai pata, woh 8 kyun 80 gadi chalanek ke baad bhi aisehi bakwass karega. Isko sirf Triber ki burai karni thi.

    yeh banda bola "First Gear Short hey, Second Gear me power hey. isiliye First gear mujhe bohot press karna padta hey" – proves he is a TOTAL FOOL and BAKWASS.

    Yeah bol raha gadi 100 kmph touch nahi kar paya kabhi bhi.

    800cc old Alto, 5 admi leke 100+ chalta hey aram se khali highway pe. 800cc gadi 5 admi + fully load leke sikkim me chalta hey.
    Aur yeah bakwass admi MH me ek 1000cc Modern Car ko 100 nahi touch kara paya bol raha highway me.

    Rachit se yeh umeed nahi thi. itna faltu logo ka interview maat liya karo. ek bakwass video kaafi hota hey channel ka negative impression and unsubscribe karne keliye

  13. I have a triber i bought it even before this guy and i am more than satisfied. Paying 700k and expecting results of 1100k car is rubbish. Talking about safety I've seen people dying even in elite expensive cars. Also I've driven it 12k both on highway and city i am not saying it doesn't has flaws but recommending not to buy is not good

  14. Why havent he fone through duster then….
    He sold his ecosport and brought a car which belongs to a price segment lower than ecosport…..

    He should have gone for duster….which has good power,build quality and other needed stuffs

  15. Is gaari me spirit hai…..sab kuch khud ba khud ho jata thaa……..apne aap steering right ho jati hai….apne aap odometer reset ho jata hai….kabhi start ho jata hai…kabhi khud bandh ho jaati hai……😯😯😯😯

    Vai ise dealer ko nahi….Tantrik ko dikhau😨😨😨😨

  16. He chose swift over triber😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
    WTF is this😂😂😂😂
    I dont think he had 8cars …..😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Chutiyapa ki hadd hai tum dono I have a triber or mujhe koi dikat ni aai hai .even jinki I20, or polo hai unhone v chlaya or they said fantastic..negative khutte vonkte raho dono

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