Purchase this, NOT THAT: Reasonably priced Make-up!

Purchase this, NOT THAT: Reasonably priced Make-up!

Hello Everybody! In in the present day’s video I’ll be doing one other Purchase THIS, not THAT video! Specifically, I am doing to be doing a full face of reasonably priced merchandise!

25 thoughts on “Purchase this, NOT THAT: Reasonably priced Make-up!

  1. I know people have said that you remind them of Cara Delevingne, but you remind me of a young Kimberly Williams-Paisley – like in a Father of the Bride kind of way. 💕

  2. Ahhh, I am so annoyed that I have subscribed and it didn’t notify me of this upload. 🙁 Glad I was able to catch it now! Ps: great suggestions! Love love love Milani blushes.

  3. I’d love to hear about your other interests besides makeup, if you ever feel like expanding the scope of your channel!

  4. I absolutely love love love your style of reviewing products! I have picked up so many things that you have suggested and I finally feel like I’m out of my makeup rut. I have been using Ulta’s vintage matte eyeshadow and the bouncy maple pecan. They have changed my life. The combination is everything that I was wanting in an eye look! Thank you 🙂

  5. You have the most incredible, detailed and well thought out reviews that are always so incredibly helpful!! PS- you gotta try the new Maybelline Sky High! It checks off all the boxes you love in mascaras. My preferences are similar to yours and the Sky High blew me away!

  6. How does Amanda not have millions of subscribers! BTW I just got the WnW tinted hydrator, Makeup Revolution Conceal and Glow Foundation, Elf Plus Glow Lotion, Italian Ice Shadow at Ulta, Elf Putty Blush and Glow Spray, and Essence lash princess. Those are incredible products and the prices are just a bonus. Unbelievable how many great products are coming out at affordable prices. Great job this was super helpful!

  7. I love these videos from you. Always fun to watch ❤️ cause I know I love your recommendations and the fact that you always display the products on your skin is everything.

  8. I do want to warn everyone about the Lifter gloss that it can dry your lips out! It has hyaluronic acid which pulls moisture from the air into it (so in this case your lips) and if there is no moisture in the air it can dry you out and can pull from moisture in the deeper levels of your skin! If you have used other hyaluronic acid products and reacted fine don’t worry, but just be careful if you don’t know!

  9. I also love the NYX Bare With Me! The lightest shade is quite light, so it’s good for people who find that a lot of shade aren’t light enough for them. I also can use it to lighten up a product that’s a little too dark. I love mixing it with a little moisturizer or an illuminating primer, and I agree, it looks very skin like!

  10. I love these comparison videos! As always, the work you put in to demo all the products on your skin really pays off and makes for such an informative video!

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