49 thoughts on “Purchase the Rumor?! 😱 Load up on these STOCKS?! Hurry!🔥🔥🔥 BUY NOW?!!

  1. Just found your channel, love your enthusiasm and advice. I am just getting started investing at 60yrs young would love to hit a pop pop soon.

  2. Out of all the people I've seen talk about stocks you are my go to now! You make it sound fun and have great advice! Everyone else just makes me want to sleep! Subscribed!

  3. YOOO Kenan bib question, I got in around 17.50 with CCIV I been making good money and taking some profits so I’m left with about 2 shares but I’m thinking about buying more now that it dropped from $33 down to $29. Will that mess up my profit and average price if I buy it for almost double what I originally did

  4. Hey Kenan,
    I want to give you a shout for your wisdom and hustle. Can you let me know what's the best patreon level for new investor that want to invest a 1,000 ?

  5. My man… I got in vyne for 400 shares at 2.52 and out at 2.98… was 3 but it dipped. That was an absolutely perfect call! Thanks for the 190 bucks! I just subscribed.

  6. I've never seen an OTC appearing in one of you videos, but I think you should really take a look at TSNP (HUMBL) and educate your followers about it

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