44 thoughts on “Purchase Shares Now? Or Preserve Ready? Let's Speak

  1. Very Insightful video, currently investing in the stock market and this made me my first million. The broker who assists me is Lisa Filomena Thompson, we met at a trading conference and she accepted to trade for me. She is the best.

  2. The Fed is backstopping everything, and the Risk vs Reward is lopsided – companies aren't even allowed to fail anymore. Playing the market defensive or being on the sidelines is a mistake… Strike while the iron is hot, and it is RED HOT right now!

  3. Investing gives you some certain level of confidence compare to a situation where you will have to go to work between 9-4 and yet you might not have much to show for it at the end of the month. Through investment, you can always make more money. This is my sixth month of investing and so far so good , I have made a profit of over $588,000 from my investment of $180,000 and still counting. Although, my financial advisor played and important role in achieving such a greater height.

  4. dude whats wrong with you, you were circling around same talk same posts, we got it, you can't predict the market, no need to repeat same thing again and again, you gave me a headache.

  5. Marvin Martian= Bears
    Illidium Q-36 Space Modulator= stock market crash
    Bugs Bunny = The Fed

    Marvin: "Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth shattering kaboom."

  6. This is the most confusing. I bought stocks because of the money printing. Gdp down 30 pct is at least a huge recession though. This market is super weird.

  7. This guy becoming more and more like Jim Cramer, flip flopping every week.
    This could have been a 3 minute video as well. Instead he stretches out to almost 30 to put in more ads and promote his investing website/ebook.

  8. You guys are still waiting…? Most states and many countries are reopening. The. U.S. COVID case is down by 40% now. The european countries except the U.K. and Russia, all stay under 1000 new daily cases each day. You have coronavirus treatment. You have coronavirus vaccine war going on with Moderna, Sinova, and Oxford; it will come out as soon as possible. The median age of mortality rate for COVID is 85. In B.C., no one has died due to COVID under the age of 40. Only four people died under the age of 60. No outbreak happened on an airplane. The government printed out so much money that it will lead to asset inflation. And YET you guys are still waiting. Yeah maybe we will have a dip here and there, but I bought mine at 40% down. What were you guys waiting for? 70% drop? 90% drop? You still have another 15% to eat out and just think long term investment. I feel bad for these people who are trying to time the market.

  9. Learn first – then they come across current oil tanker stocks with great balance sheets and company stock going down lol then they be truly lost

  10. The higher the market gets pumped up with counterfeit endless printed money from the fed ,the lower it falls and get smashed and tests new lows .as you say when buffet isnt buying but selling ,it says everything not something or conflicting data.he said plain and simple there arent many value stocks for months and cant offer a better loan deal than the fed.When the market faces the reality earnings are crushed and may stay down and the market realises the instability of the usd due to velocity of money M1 slowing ,it doesnt matter how the companies with dimishing eps growth and rising pe are doing .its just unsustainable even for tesla .https://www.marketwatch.com/story/beware-the-stock-markets-being-supported-by-nothing-more-than-an-ideological-dream-economist-warns-2020-05-07

  11. Almost 100% a vaccine is coming? LOL Come on man, why do you think that? We've never made an effective vaccine for any coronavirus.

  12. I still maintain all my positions…. The lesser you trade the better you do over time… find good quality companies and hold them over long term and you will do well. Dollar cost averaging is the best technique to reduce risk as know one can time the market.

  13. 2,082,945 cases in the United States (65,134) 124,668 deaths (3,059)

    the numbers don't lie. due to the increased number of quarantines, oil consumption is declining. rescuing the market, more and more money is being squeezed, so its value will fall. I think the best investment right now is gold.

  14. Could you also admit your prediction was not true ? No one is perfect right ? I kept waiting for crash to come and guess what everything has gone up

  15. The general market seems to be picking and I’m excited to get started, on an interview I watched the guest speaker mentioned making over $650,000 in net profit during the recession and as a beginner, I would appreciate any clues or strategies on how to make better profit in the current progressive market.

  16. Hey Jeremy, can you make a video about how to analyze a company and its earnings reports to asses a stock to invest into? Thanks for all your hard work on educating us. I'm a beginner in the stock market and would like to learn how to find good companies by doing my own technical analysis. Thanks!

  17. Jeremy thank’s , what’s your opinion on buying stock’s,that are in their ex-dividend date, through the pay date, have noticed the value of the stock goes down , can you expand on this subject ,like sell before ex-div , etc etc

  18. Yall crazy if you dont think there is not going to be crash around Q2, being in the sidelines is the way to be right now. Prices too damn high, BA , airlines are still cheap tho.

  19. With the housing market, I honestly think it’s all the forbearances, high stock market, and low interests rates keeping sellers selling high. Think about it. They know that the people that get loans are going discounts from banks. That makes sellers feel like they don’t have to give in with the asking price. I would go off of that to say the housing market is doing well, therefore it won’t crash. All it takes is prolonged stimulus negotiations, prolonged vaccine trials, or a spike in cases and he market start going crazy. I’m very bullish and 100% cash as of yesterday.

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