Purchase Much less, Demand Extra

Purchase Much less, Demand Extra

Since 1973, we have constructed garments to endure, so that you needn’t purchase new as typically. There are some issues you are able to do, too. Purchase much less. Purchase used. Restore what you …

30 thoughts on “Purchase Much less, Demand Extra

  1. "No longer can we assume the earth's resources are limitless." – Patagonia
    "Scarcity is the first rule of economics. The first rule of politics is to ignore the first rule of economics." – Thomas Sowell

  2. This kind of marketing is severely contradictory. I don't think that this company can exist outside the "fast fashion" business model. I buy their stuff but I know it's almost as bad as some other brand. Most of the time I don't need it and the BS story behind the fair trade cotton etc would not survive some serious scrutiny. Yvon might fly fish with his pals with bamboo poles and buy fabrics that are 5% more expensive because he is friends with some dude who is partially certified by some organic joke, but that's about it. Now let's get back to stocking up 200 flannels and fleeces and shit we don't need. I am more guilty than you. Chill.

  3. Yeah, but nonetheless every year I see a bunch of new Patagonia stores opening here in my home country. People consume this stuff like if it's never enough, buying way more than they really need. No respect for the environment or the philosophy behind the brand. Anyhow, Patagonia keeps happily and expanding more and more. What's the solution? I don't know. But clearly the 'buy less' campaign does not work and there's seems to be a big dissonance between idea of responsible consumption and brand expansion.

  4. The amount of resources in space is virtually unlimited. Consumerism is what powers our economy, but as much as you can so people have jobs.

  5. Hello i have been wearing my clothes for 40 years. Here is my problem with my yellow raincoat. The lining in the hood has disintegrated and the tape strips are falling apart. Can you help me with this. Patagonia vintage yellow rain jacket w drawstring waist and zippered side vents. Thank you kindly.

  6. I love my Patagonia gear, it’s expensive? Yes but worth it, every single piece I have is still working fine. Buy once, cry once. I would suggest to Patagonia extend worn wear program to Europe, for example we have pieces of our kids, who grow, that are in perfect condition. Of course I’ll give’em a second life to others but I’ll definitely buy worn wear when needed. That’s the key in my view, but when needed.

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