Purchase Much less, Demand Extra: The Impression of New

Purchase Much less, Demand Extra: The Impression of New

Every part we make has an impression on individuals and the planet. The clothes trade is among the worst offenders of labor abuses and the air pollution driving the …

11 thoughts on “Purchase Much less, Demand Extra: The Impression of New

  1. Patagonia MUST stop using fleece garments made with recycled plastic bottles or any types of plastics because the fleece fibres released when washed in the washing machine or sink is extremely toxic to the oceans, lakes and the environment. Unlike smooth shell garments such as jackets or pants, Patagonia fleece garments made from recycled plastic bottles release huge amounts of microplastic fibres when you wash or wear it. Each time you wash a Patagonia fleece jacket, you're releasing hundreds of millions of microplastic particles that will take on average, one thousand years to decompose! These microplastics are found in almost every since human being on earth and in almost every single fish in the ocean, especially larger sized fishes. Patagonia should transition to the use of natural fibres only in their fleece garments such as wool or cotton or any type of material that is non-toxic and that's able to decompose easily.

  2. If Patagonia cared about the world, they would stop using resources to make stuff. There are already 100 companies out there that make jackets. How Yvon Chouinard calls himself an Environmentalist and not simply a Capitalist is a mystery. Make the jackets in America if you really care. At least you would reduce your carbon footprint by 90% instead of all the fuel used to get your product delivered 2000 miles to the US from the 3rd world countries you decided to use to make them. What a farce of a human.

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