50 thoughts on “purchase a automotive with out getting ripped off (Market)

  1. The only consumers who can get the good deals are the ones with good credit. But always deal on the total price all in with taxes first.

  2. I don't get the point you are trying to show here. Going into depth, however easy or sad it is, is still always your problem. I mean kids are educated on basic economics, where I come from.

  3. You should buy a car without financing. It makes more sense that way as you can sell it faster for greater profits, basically halfing your loan.

  4. When I bought my first brand new car at Honda, it was very stressful. Not only did I hear the one lady say "she's a hit or miss" but it's not finished at the time of the your purchase, then the finance department have their turn with you. Sad!!!!!! This is supposed to be one of the times you really enjoy your purchase and not feel cornered and stressed.

  5. The Canadian government “regulator” probably gets a new car every year from auto lobbyists. Where is the follow-up video where Shontel is living in her car w/her new baby after she gets evicted b/c the regulator is out golfing w/the special interest groups?

  6. This is ironic… there is some truths in this video but the reporters manipulate (to do not say lie) the reality to their advantages in order to make a sensational video. First of all, they picked up dump people that are obviously uneducated. Second of all, they completely skipped the part where they should have explained how interest works. If you return or exchange a car, it loses value but you also must pay a portion of the interest. You can also negotiate on the sale price…

  7. Just got out of the car Biz after 22 years, from what i'm seeing here PPL are getting RIPPED OFF every day. I did my business different. I told every customer that I would never buy a car in my life , Why because it's the fastest deprecating Liability you'll ever own. I would educate everyone on how money works and how they can pay off there mortgage in half the time and still have a nice car in your driveway without taking a depreciating HIT. Then I would ask would if you would be interested in hearing how it works. 98% of the time they would say yes. The ANSWER is LEASING. If buying a car is a bad investment and everyone knows WHY do ppl continue to buy…. Because they don't know any better !!! back in the day our parents would always say, If you don't have the money don't buy it. I can understand cause the rates were like 10 to 15% higher. I did 98% leasing just from educating the customer and I got let go after 22 years for being honest with ppl. If anyone has any questions at all please ask !!!! I'll help you save THOUSANDS of $$$$$$$$$$$

  8. I just had a thought your payments for your vehicle should be no longer than the warranty on the vehicle otherwise wise you stretch your budget to far or to tight !

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  10. Not being familiar with Canadian law, couldn't she have just claimed bankruptcy & started fresh with the knowledge she now had to get a (used) car with an affordable payment & a realistic loan life?

  11. Mazda: great reliable cars and also seems they do honest explaining as well. This is just a company that shows it cares about the customer’s happiness all around across all interactions with them.

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  13. She can’t seriously live her life like that, working 2 full time jobs and only getting 3 hours of sleep a night? She’s gonna wind up seriously ill. Her body cannot tolerate that, she has got to find out another solution. File for bankruptcy? Not wait so long and discuss the warranty before purchasing? Not just give in to paying off $50,000? I mean she is pretty young to have her own house and have bought a new car not gonna lie. Should have been more sensible and conscious about her decision.

  14. I was really hoping they’d talk more about sneaky practices. An example is auto financing WITH the dealership. They can add interest % on top of what the bank chooses and they almost always do. It’s extremely shady. Always get pre-approved from a bank before going to the dealership. Also disappointing to see the politician or whatever he was basically say it’s on consumers to educate themselves. That type of thinking is just why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. If you don’t have good parents to teach you then you end up in bad debt situations… and that’s millions of people.

  15. That is the problem with consumers not doing the math. I am a victim. I paid for a 2006 Hyundai Tucson in 2010 with less than 30K miles in it, made a payment spread over 84 months. I should have bought a new car instead.

  16. All my friends and my family's was shocked today when I open my new house and I bought a brand new car 🚗 into my new house 🏡 all the money I use to do this came from Mr Darragh Odhran, he change my life for good in just 72 hours I'm grateful sir
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  18. I actually sell cars and honestly where I work at I’ve never heard of 96 months 😂
    We give them the options from 36 months to 72 and let THEM decide
    As well as breaking down the price of the car.

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