PS5 overview | Ought to You Purchase PlayStation 5 at launch?

PS5 overview | Ought to You Purchase PlayStation 5 at launch?

We have been hoping for nice issues from the PlayStation 5, and Sony’s next-gen console delivers. However must you purchase a PS5 at launch? We’ll reply all of your …

44 thoughts on “PS5 overview | Ought to You Purchase PlayStation 5 at launch?

  1. I reckon the PS5 could flop,its an extremely lazy poor design that,there are hundreds of designs online far superior to this one,also the price is ridiculous.

  2. Look at that thing!
    It looks like something made for WOMEN! The PS4 is a MAN'S playstation!!
    PS4 PRO: The last REAL PlayStation!!!!

  3. Ps4 pro i bought few years back says on the box 4k gaming but yet ps5 box says 8k , if the ps5 cant even do spiderman 4k60fps with raytracing how the hell is it gonna do 8k straight lies … imho ppl should wait for ps5 pro and should get the xbox series x now. Because ps5 is in the same gen as ps4 pro. Which is past gen !

  4. Current owner of a PS4 & PSVita. I’m trying to get excited about the PS5 but the title lineup are boring. I think I’m going to wait 3 years and see what they do…After all they did Shut down Socom & Warhawk & completely said F the Vita so yea my money is saying in my pockets

  5. Wait, you are not Croatian and your last name is not Vještica? (TheWitch)
    Cuz if you are, you're pronouncing your last name bad af.

  6. Is there emulation to allow you to play your PS3 library like Microsoft has with the Xbox Series X? Really disappointed Sony abandoned that system's games with the Playstation 4.

  7. It's big, so what
    How many time are you going to pick it up and carry it a few inches or feet? So what
    Who PLANS on sitting in front of a shiny system and JUST puts fingerprints on it?!
    Who the hell cares?! So what
    The stand is complicated to put together…… FUCKING REALLY?!
    SEE THESE are the reasons I say….. The following….
    MICROSOFT= apple of video games -simple people
    SONY= SAMSUNG/ANDROID – people who like to make the system thier own and customize it.
    But whatever y'all do y'all!

  8. Shouldn't be reviewing a console thats not officially released for all and no doubt there will be some firmware updates over the month.

  9. come on, 1080p in 2020? it’s not 2010 anymore. that’s ridiculous, better buy some new cameras
    well nevermind, the quality of this review isn’t good anyway

  10. All these features and improvements over the PS4 look great, won't be getting one though. If they bring out a stealth version that actually looks like it belongs in an entertainment system I'll consider one, but with the current design but the current look is just too jarring.

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