PS5 DOMINATES Hitman three Gross sales, 324% Enhance, MGS Reunion Sparks Pleasure, Ghost Of Tsushima 2

PS5 DOMINATES Hitman three Gross sales, 324% Enhance, MGS Reunion Sparks Pleasure, Ghost Of Tsushima 2

Immediately we’ve extra PlayStation information to go over beginning with latest gross sales information revealing that the PS5 dominated Hitman three gross sales and PS5 recreation gross sales are …

23 thoughts on “PS5 DOMINATES Hitman three Gross sales, 324% Enhance, MGS Reunion Sparks Pleasure, Ghost Of Tsushima 2

  1. Thanks for taking time to check the video out. What do you think about the PS5 dominating Hitman 3 sales and PS5 games sales surging by 324% in the UK? What are your thoughts on a Ghost Of Tsushima 2, are you convinced that there is in fact a PS5 sequel in the works? What about Konami's strange walk back, what do you make of that? And Finally what are your thoughts on this random MGS cast reunion, do you think there's anything to it or is it just a reunion and nothing more? Be sure to leave the video a like if you enjoy it and consider becoming a channel member to help support the channel directly!

  2. Xbox YouTubers: Yea Xbox popping off PlayStation doing great too let’s all have fun gaming!

    PlayStation YouTubers: Playstation good Xbox bad🗿

  3. There are various opinions about the PS5 version of Hitman 3 is 1800p. Do you think there is a possibility that it will be improved to 2160p in a future update? I'm expecting it. Because the new Glacier engine may be compatible with DirectX 12, the PC and XSX version can bring out the performance from the beginning, but it is possible that it will bring out the power of PS5 of its own system from now on. Isn't it? I want to expect it.

  4. Metal gear 1-4 need either remakes or an extreme remaster for PS5..never played MG4 Due to never owning a PS3 during my Xbox decade .. had to buy one just to play the physical copy.. no WiFi where I live .. so I have to hotspot off the IPad.. I can play online once the game is downloaded.. but stuff like playing old PS3 games online stream only doesn’t work for me 🙁 they desperately need a comeback like capcom had.. one game. Year .. or 2 years.. MG4 remake .. first .. so they all look like MG5.. but have an actual point to the story with cut scenes and a finished game ! Which is why “gasp” I really didn’t like V

  5. PlayStation is so trash bro Xbox has the last of us uncharted demon souls and more all PlayStation has is Rachet and clank haha delusional fanboys

    Just kidding 💙💚

  6. That first min dho, thing runs at 4k 60 and other one doesn't and dips by the flowers, why you covering like this, why you twisting so hard. But if it was flipped you would say, "The ps5 greatly out performs the
    Xbox at 4k 60 except one area but i think a patch will fix it."
    You know thats what you woukd say.

  7. Xbox Game Pass exceeded 18 million subscribers.

    And the 30% performance bonus on Xbox and the confirmed Ray-Tracing coming to Xbox… Not PS5.

    And they haven't even used Sampler Feedback Streaming, Variable Rate Shading (all not on PS5), nor Mesh Shading Geometry Engine…

    Also the frame dips are negligible, and PS5 still dips below 60FPS… And the glitches on Xbox are being addressed and patched. They confirmed it is a glitch with the renderer.

  8. PS5 outperforms the microflaccid x once again, this time on an oldie, Skyrim. Digital Foundry compared them in a video. I hope MBG checks it out. It's so sweet when those a-holes (x fans, not DF in particular) kept screaming about how the x was going to be 30% over and above the PS5, but nope. It's 00% above the PS5 and in fact a bit lower. 🤣😂😁

  9. They don't want to do physical sales anymore lazy bunch of Xbox executives and management. Xbots reiling in the fact it's the console with the GAMES that sell the most and Sony delivered . Nobody excited for that Xbox doorstop, hence the dismal sales. They conned their gamer base and knew they could try to get away with it by raising Xbox live gold. PS5 is the dominant force

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