Prime 7 Shares to Purchase Now! 🔥 October 15th, 2020!

Prime 7 Shares to Purchase Now! 🔥 October 15th, 2020!

These Shares are set to EXPLODE!!!

The Prime 7 Shares to BUY NOW!!! October 2020

#1. IPOB
#2. LOOP
#3. RAVN
#4. IONS
#5. WORK
#6. PSTG
#7. SPPI

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13 thoughts on “Prime 7 Shares to Purchase Now! 🔥 October 15th, 2020!

  1. Thank you very informative just got into stocks have taken some wins and losses got stung on workhorse this week but doing well on upwork

  2. This link below has chart's and stock price for ASX: $OLL
    Technicals shows (OLL) as a strong buy at the moment, along with really good chart trend pattern that has happened for OpenLearning=ASX-OLL

    One Of The Top ASX Stock Picks for October 2020
    OpenLearning=ASX: $OLL

    OpenLearning has reported nothing but growth in the economic and pandemic crisis, I believe with so many people being out of work and needing to be retained through upskilling and alot of Schools being forced to teach online….
    It's definitely looking like a continuing growing market.
    All of this ofcourse is only my opinion(except the links) and only ment to tell you what I have found through my research, along with giving you some of the links to my research. I am not telling anyone to invest in anything.
    I am not a financial adviser, so do not take my post as what you should do. Research my research and make your own educated decision, whether or not you want to invest in OpenLearning..
    If your interested, please take the time to research the constant record growth OpenLearning has reported throughout this pandemic and economic crisis, Half year results in below links.

    OpenLearning has established their exclusive OpenCreds, OpenLearning has the only platform in the world that is interactive(all other company's are passive) all of this should be a decisive factor in becoming industry standard and pushing OpenLearning's stock price higher and higher..
    Please if you are interested? Look into the OpenCreds, Accredited OpenCreds allow education providers or industry to create stackable courses that lead into credits. This is really good for employers to do assessments of employees qualifications.

    Micro-credentials and short-courses will help Millions of people that are going to need upskilling to be able to compete to get jobs in this ever changing world. It's not just me saying this, it's all over the news and this will potentially be a big driving force in helping save our economy. With out jobs their is no economy and with so many people on government payments, it is destined for collapse. We still have to maintain the quality of education to get the proper training that is essential,  while it needs to be done cheaper and in the fastest way possible due to most people's financial situation and the economy doesn't have the time to wait for a long degree to be finished before people are ready to work..
    Product design is superior in the way it engages learners (interactive).
    They have OpenCreds that is exclusive to OpenLearning's business and most likely will become the standard in micro-credentialing.
    Their ahead already with artificial intelligence capabilities for their platform, software and teaching courses for AI.
    The founder and CEO Adam Brimo went to University to major in computer programming and has a very good understanding on what he has created.
    They also have the largest student enrolments amongst online learning providers.
    ASX-OLL has established relationships with top tier universities in Australia, Malaysia and around the world, in 170 countries I believe.
    They have a successful board of directors, who can use their individual networks to assist the companies expansion/growth plans.
    Their product offering/pipeline is growing quite well, example:
    OpenLearning signs agreements, to sell their Micro Credentials to other Online Learning Companies.
    In my opinion this is an example of OpenLearning's Platform and Micro Credentials being good enough that other companies are wanting them to sell.

    They are agile and can easily adapt to new trends and capitalise on Market opportunities as stated in recent interviews.
    Online short courses and Micro Credentials are being viewed by many, to be able to help save our economy.
    By retraining our out of work workforce faster and way cheaper, but still maintaining the quality of the Education being taught.    Governments are starting to put support behind this new norm of the future in learning. Just think🤔 and imagine how big this education market with micro-credentials is going to be, currently this is already a multi billion dollar industry.

    OpenLearning's Micro Credentials/MicroCreds

    Motley fool article on OpenLearning=ASX$OLL

    OpenLearning Ltd  ASX:OLL
    has some interesting prospects. Not only operating within the online education ecosystem, but also partnering with some of the major universities. Partnerships that could become the cornerstone of many more, bigger arrangements.

    PwC Australia has release a report which recommends a tighter partnership between industry and government to address future skills with micro-credentials.

    Website to start your own Educated research

    Really good financial opinion/article below about, OpenLearning=ASX-OLL


    Watch this presentation of
    This is from an ASX Investors point of view and it just about covers everything to do with OpenLearning=ASX: $OLL
    This video really explains alot about
    Micro-credentials, Short-courses, his opinion and more.

    Economic recovery will be built on strengths that are a highly skilled educated workforce.
    We know from past experience that economic downturns lead to upturns in demand for education.
    The development of microcredentials will drive additional income stream

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