39 thoughts on “Prime 5 Causes To Purchase An iPhone eight In 2019!

  1. I'm getting major anxiety because I wanted to buy an iPhone 13 but my dad's a cheapskate so I am getting an iPhone 8 and people say it's terrible

  2. My beautiful little 6s has served me a good while. I don’t wanna get rid of it, but at the same time I do.

  3. If you like the classical iPhone design with the home button, fingerprint, this is by far the best choice.
    Same performance of the iPhone X and a beautiful design with wireless charging
    I love my iPhone 8 Plus!

  4. Great buy, value for the money, classic style with latest features and updates and feels perfect in-hand! Not as thick, heavy, or bulky as X/XS-Max/XR and Best part is….NO NOTCH, NO NOTCH, NO NOTCH! Hope the 8/8+ sticks around for another generation…especially considering what’s happening with the Xl/XlR

  5. Ssup guys! If anyone wondering what's the best phone for "gaming", iphone xr is my choice for it >_<

    If you guys want to know why or just bored, feel free to read this ^ω^

    For a quick review of my iphone xr (128gb white xr), the battery life (battery health is still 100% btw) is down from 100% to 75+/-%, meaning a 25% usage of battery life, in the spawn of 2 hours and heated a bit after playing these games, Pubg (smooth+extreme) and Honkai Impact 3 for an almost 2 hours straight. For fortnite, it's a little bit faster for the battery to drain, which the battery will lower to 75% from 100% only with the spawn of an hour and half. I get a stable 60fps with the setting of 60% 3D res or sometime lower resolution with my iPhone xr while i experience a thermal throttled if i play the game for almost an hour and half straight (still play if it warm and comfortable to hold but usually rest the phone a little after i felt it becoming hot at my left arm. I would say the increasing of temperature is not very significant as I still felt comfortable to use it at the first minutes of the thermal throttling and after that i rest the phone until it's cooled down. Also please do mind this is only like what I'm feel as I don't really know the exact temperature and don't have a proper temperature's checking equipment T.T). I would guess why this phone's temperature is slow to rise/slow to overheat is because how the iPhone xr hardware is made. Although I do wish they put a really efficient cooling system, maybe a combo with both passive and active cooling system! Like in Razer Phone 2 with a passive cooling system that have a big waterbed-like cooper heat sink. For the active cooling system like Nubia Red Magic 3 with the in-phone-fan, for example. please see this post somehow, APPLE!!

    For the full battery cycle, I reckon the last time i'm not charging the phone after it really empty, from 100% to 0%, it's literally take 12 hours and 48 minutes with both normal usage and heavy usage.

    About the overall look, for me I really love the xr design with the THICC bezel and the weight just because it give me these "psp/ps Vita vibe" when I'm using it (which I really love lmao).

    The 720p display? Well it's actually 828p but who cares right? If you have tried it yourself and compare with other phone, you'd know that the Xr's screen is really one of the best lcd screen display out there. Believe it or not, Apple have done a good job to make the LCD screen really vibrant, curved the screen, make the screen overall really nice, and not shit at all! xD (but still the OLED screen is absolutely more vibrant, colourful etc but take note about the flickering issue, burn in-display issue or whatnot, and of course OLED is beautiful. It's just that these LCD screen do take it easy for the eyes to see and nice to look, for me at least).

    About the display comparison > https://youtu.be/dcFXEXJicgc

    For the battery life comparison > https://youtu.be/3_y8BGOP-v

    Btw if you want to make a comparison between any phone, search gsmarena or see this link >

    Stay safe and have fun guys≧∇≦! <3

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