27 thoughts on “Picket Locomotive Practice from Robotime plywood ROKR LK701 Construct Video + Low cost code

  1. I just got this toy for Christmas from my son. I asked him if I was cheating watching this video, and he said, probably. But I still enjoyed watching it, ahead of putting my loco together. BTW, I’m 66. 🤭

  2. The winding key for my train LK701 part P3 does not fit properly on part P1. I need a replacement part P3, the hole that is threaded is to large for the stud on P1. Can you help me by replacing the key. Thank you. Bob Rose

  3. Great educational tool to learn assembly and even technical drawing understanding. Most importantly it is fun and engaging tool to familiarize youngsters with engineering techniques.

  4. I saw a video showing this train on a track. It also had other details that go with model trains like moving crossing arms (not sure of the proper name for these). Anyway, I can't find any of these for sale; do you know if they exist?

  5. This type of logic should be seen in all schools where building a whole unit starts with putting together smaller units that must fit together with precision. Engineering is made out of simple logical units which when added together make a more complex function. We should appreciate the fact that there is an alphabet of static and dynamic motion functions with which we can build more complex functions. It is not far different from having an alphabet or letters in any language and their combinations make words and then statements and then paragraphs and then whole books and literature are built out of combining the letters of the alphabet. Logic reason and rational thinking is gained by making projects that fit together successfully where the final action must work and be guaranteed to work
    Congratulations on the design, construction and artistic contents.

  6. Awesome fun it was to assemble the locomotive .. but I kind of goofed up somewhere and now the gears are all aligned but the spring is stuck to give the movement the initial start. Can u suggest a troubleshooter …

  7. Last year I built the ROKR clock which works well and looks quite impressive. I have now built the ROKR MARBLE SQUAD LG502 Marble Run and am not so impressed.
    Good: The instructions may be pictoral only but are quite easy to follow.
    Not so good: The lift will take two balls instead of just the one, this leads to spillages.
    Bad: Some of the connections necessarily need to connect on a slope and will work loose; some gaps between the runs open and will not stay closed. These will need glueing.

    I can assure anyone that these are genuine problems not caused by my clumsiness.

  8. Wondering if you did the ugears train – and if you did which one you liked better- in some reviews people couldn’t get the ugears one to work but I do like their design. Thanks!

  9. Great video. Thankyou. I have had this boxed kit for 12 months and is the next project to follow my build of
    an Airbus A380. It is going to greatly assist me in performing the build.

  10. WO HOO!!! Mine has arrived, But can only follow your guide roughly because my parts numbers are different, but impressed with the quality, Now lets build this thing!!

  11. Waiting for my Robotime plywood ROKR LK701 to arrive, Thanks for this excellent video, it will make things so much easier for me having proper instructions in video form. What did we do before YouTube lol.

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