OUTRAGE: Australian household fined $10,000 for getting nutritional vitamins, take-away meals

OUTRAGE: Australian household fined $10,000 for getting nutritional vitamins, take-away meals

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Avi Yemini speaks with a pair who had been fined $5,000 every for travelling down to purchase nutritional vitamins and a few take-away meals for his or her children.
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42 thoughts on “OUTRAGE: Australian household fined $10,000 for getting nutritional vitamins, take-away meals

  1. If I get fined I wouldn't pay and would happily go to jail and look forward to sharing my cell with Andrews, who will be there already for industrial manslaughter.

  2. There is no border and if the state pretends that there is one then it is an unlawful border because no state may make a Boundry, The colonies gave that right up at Federation when they became states

  3. I know you've given up your guns, but you know what you still got??? CARS! And, you have more cars than the government have, and you can use them to take your country back!

  4. I'm sorry. You Aussies are far too soft. I'd be in the streets making the cops fearful to even come out. It's gone way beyond the point of being reasonable with them.

  5. I'm curious to know what the "probable cause" was for the cops to pull them over? How did the cops know they had crossed the border? Does the couples license plate say they live across the border?
    Or were the cops doing some sort of surveillance and performing check stops for motorists? Does the COVID cops have higher authority than regular law enforcement?

  6. I am wondering that, with the CDC and The WHO now having stated that we are not in a Pandemic and the numbers are far lower then stated in the Mainstream Media, is that information usable to fight the fine?

  7. This is a total disgrace.
    A situation totally caused by Andrews and his total bungling of the quarantine process through his own total incompetence and pig headed arrogance.
    He's the Premier, and he is the one that is ultimately responsible, and if he had an ounce of decency would have resigned weeks ago.

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