Our Final Information To WALNUT LUMBER – Easy methods to Purchase, Use & End It

Our Final Information To WALNUT LUMBER – Easy methods to Purchase, Use & End It

I believe it is time we discuss walnut, woodworkers of YouTube!
Yeah, I completely get that the majority woodworkers who use hardwoods are in all probability acquainted with walnut – however I will cowl a few of the belongings you won’t know, and hopefully enable you to construct higher initiatives and have a extra gratifying expertise shopping for, utilizing, and ending walnut.

Hope you get pleasure from this one, and get one thing good out of it. I do know it is a lengthy one this time, but when I’ve discovered one factor from you people since beginning this channel, you wish to get as a lot stable information as you possibly can. Hope this would possibly not disappoint. Thanks –

Different Walnut Movies:
Hand Rubbed Tung Oil Varnish on Walnut Desk:
Extremely Darkish Walnut End in 2 Easy Steps:

Merchandise Talked about:
– Titebond II Darkish Wooden Glue
– Outdated Masters Woodgrain Filler + Spanish Oak Wiping Stain
– Normal Finishes Ebony Dye Stain for ebonizing walnut
– Watco Black Walnut Danish Oil
– Outdated Masters Tung Oil Varnish
– Normal Finishes Excessive Efficiency Water Based mostly Prime Coat
– Zinsser SealCoat Dewaxed Shellac
– Outdated Masters Paste Wax

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29 thoughts on “Our Final Information To WALNUT LUMBER – Easy methods to Purchase, Use & End It

  1. 1:05 – how is walnut named
    1:56 – how to buy & select
    2:12 – about the tree
    3:00 – about knots, figure, and grain issues
    3:22 – color issues
    3:58 – steaming walnut
    4:54 – color sorting
    5:59 – how to get consistent walnut
    7:03 – solid lumber means expecting inconsistencies
    8:14 – tips & tricks to working with walnut
    10:00 – finishing tricks and ideas

    Okay, yes this is a pretty long one so hopefully this will help! Many thanks for watching, and hit us with your questions –

  2. WTH!! I just looked up the watco walnut Danish oil for ASH. I live in Maine and I have a great supply of it!!
    Then I happened to your video from 2014 about ash!! Great work keep rocking it!!

  3. Well it's your home shop. I guess you're allowed to wear thongs there! 0:08 😉
    Seriously though, this video is a MASTER Class on everything about walnut. From the tree itself to a master class in finishing it. Well done!

  4. Thanks for such a great explanation of so many things about Walnut. I have a few slabs in the basement for a few years now not really knowing what to do with it, plus how to finish it correctly, because its expensive, especially here in Ontario Canada I didn't want to screw it up. So your video really helps me a lot in determining what way to go with finishing it. I love that wood filler, man that makes such a difference, I cant believe my eyes when you showed that. I've never seen that product here, so now I need to look around. I could go on and on here, GREAT stuff, and yep, i'm new to your channel….for sure I subscribed. Thanks again.

  5. After you fill it and wet sand varnish it, then let it fully cure and comeback and sand with 600-800. Then varnish (preferably with a solvent varnish because the chemistry drys harder than WB) and varnish 3-5 more times sanding each coat progressively up to 2000-3000 grit. Smaller pieces work best (tea caddy, jewelry box, pie crust tables, clocks). It's an intoxicating look.

  6. how handheld caving scoops and gouges and flat blades, walnut has a pleasurable craving feel to it. carves smooth in all blade edge to grain directions.

  7. Great information! One thing however. Your videos have a extremely high pitch screaming in the background. It's either electrical noise or the microphone. I am watching on a Yamaha surround receiver on my big screen and it is terrible. Might want to investigate.

  8. I’m so glad i stumbled upon your videos I’m an amateur wood worker but absolutely love it. You can find videos everywhere about how to work with wood but your one of the very few I’ve found who talks about what woods to use where and you have a wealth of knowledge on all species. Very informative looking forward to more videos

  9. Hi, I want to buy the home depot european walnut solid wood butcher block and use it as a computer desk. I want it semi glossy and matte. I will be putting a monitor clamp arm with three monitors and a computer tower on it. I don't want to wait a month to use it either. What do you suggest the best combo of finishers that will show the beauty / contrast and shortest time to use that can handle computer desk usage?

  10. Awesome tips. Thanks!

    I am building an edge-grain walnut kitchen Island top. All aggressive cutting and chopping will be done on a cutting board, but I may occasionally cut lightly on the island top for cutting or trimming things like rolled out pasta dough. Any trips for a good finished in those circumstances? (It it 'earns' a worn look over time from use and the occasional cut mark, I'm fine with that. But I don't want a cut mark to suddenly create an area where the finished is now ruined, or wil be ruined if a any moisture gets into the cut. I should also say that it will not be near any running water, but will inevitably have some moisture exposure – wet items, condensation from a cold jar or glass, etc.)

    Any tips/suggestions would be great appreciated. Cheers!

  11. dude your channel deserves a lot more subscribers, I am new to wood working and I have learnt so much from your channel. Thank you

  12. Another thing — it is hard to go wrong, never had bad outcomes even w suboptimal walnut, branches, reusing stereo component sides, etc etc. Makes great cutting boards. Even butternut is good, albeit it light. I have a ton of it, thick desks, beds, tables, sculpture, etc etc etc.

  13. Very informative about finishes — fussy, but informative. One finish that is slightly harder (with enough applications) than anything tung-based is minwax AOF (Antique Oil Finish), a polymerized linseed, gives a slight golden tone to walnut (also comes in dark, but is too dark imo, as is the one he shows and likes and uses!), and if you do several applications of MAOF you wind up w oil poly hardness but smoother and needing less application care (no need for still early-morning air, e.g.).

    (I have no connection to Minwax.)

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