Ought to You Purchase an AUDI TTS (MK3 TTS Check Drive & Evaluate)

Ought to You Purchase an AUDI TTS (MK3 TTS Check Drive & Evaluate)

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27 thoughts on “Ought to You Purchase an AUDI TTS (MK3 TTS Check Drive & Evaluate)

  1. My mum had the 2nd gen 3.2 v6 and we all loved it, the new one looks stunning! I’d definitely have one and laugh as I pass the old men making their jokes in their Kia seeds ceed’s.
    great review as always

  2. I have never thought of the TT as a hairdressers car, I have always loved the way they look and the fact that they can be bought nowadays for sensible money and the performance of the TTS in your video Matt is simply staggering. What's not to love?

  3. Bit out of my price range but if ever I had the cash, I'd love one. I think they do offer almost unparalleled performance for the money with sensible running costs and look fabulous. No centre screen, What were they thinking?

  4. A great looking car, but a big price hike for those looks when you could take an S3, or even a golf r. Second hand hero maybe 😁

  5. Happy New Year to you, Matt. I'm not a fan of Audis, but I do like this car. It's purposeful, good looking, and well built. PS Speed Awareness Course? "Yes, I am aware of speed, especially when I put my foot down." Reminds me of something Clarkson said about the environment: "Oh, believe me, I'm very aware of the environment. And I'm still not interested in it."

  6. The hairdresser joke came from the mk1 TT . Most of it is jealousy because it’s a great fast car.I own the mk2 TTs DSG Revo stage one 333bhp 450nm torque 0.60mph 4.3 secs 😍

  7. I love those TT,s but they go for mad money here in Ireland.. great review as per usual . Have a very happy new year to you and your family funny Man, I want loads of car reviews in 2021. ☘️☘️☘️☘️

  8. Good review – interested to see it as this was on new car shortlist a few months ago, really wanted to test drive one. I must have tried 4-5 different Audi dealerships and not a single one of them gave the tiniest shit about making that happen, never mind getting a sale – which would have been highly likely.
    Went back to BMW and got my second M240i.


  9. What a sad day that a TT might become another vulgar SUV. Always liked the look of original TT but have never really liked these cars to sit in. A lighter colour headlining would help that enormously. Thank you for the video.

  10. Good video as I’m thinking of getting one, but not enough comparison between the auto and manual car. Gear changing manually still has its merits yes?

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