24 thoughts on “Ought to You Purchase An Arcade1Up Gaming Machine In 2021

  1. If I had the money and space for it I'd definitely buy a few cabinets but it's also not just the cost of having them repaired or buying them up front you would also need to take your electric bill in to consideration as well

  2. I remember when the 3ds came out and me and my family went yo target only for a birthday card and my little brother saw a 3ds demo cabinet and started playing it. We literally had to pry him off of it without breakimg it. We were there for half an hour.

  3. Should you by an Arcade1up in 2021? ABSOLUTELY… that is, IF you know the appeal of an arcade game. Not surprising that most people, in this modern age, don't really know – at least not about the golden age of arcades (late 70s thru late 80s).
    Best example is the silly, SILLY argument that "There's cheaper, better ways to play most of these games". Cheaper? Sure. Free even if you're into sailing the high seas of Piracy. But better??? There's NO better way to play these games than on an arcade cabinet. NO. BETTER. WAY. It's all about the unique cabinet format, control scheme tailored specifically to the gameplay and then the themed artwork to tie it all together and draw the player in. There's an experience there that can't be had playing on your typical pc, game console or sinfully piss poor quality emulation device.
    Take Centipede and Millipede for example. There's NO better way to play than with a solid trackball and NO better way to display it than on a vertical screen. Pacman with a joystick is unmatched. Or Tempest with a proper spinner. How about Galaga with a properly gated 2-way Joystick or Mortal Kombat with a true-to-the-original 5 button control scheme!
    Sure you can buy controllers that get alot of that done, but there's NOTHING like standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your opponent, in front of the cab with all the visuals and sounds front and center. It's all about the nostalgic factor for sure but not without the EXPERIENCE.

  4. Get a raspberry pi 4 B 8GB model, 128 GB SD card, some components like buttons and joysticks, an arcade cabinet shell kit and you will find yourself spending around 900. The Shell itself will run you atleast 600. Or you can buy wood or cork or vinyl panels and construct your own arcade cabinet, get an old laptop from a thrift store, buy some controller components on Amazon or Adafruit, a chiplet from Arduino, and some handy work and you got an arcade system for between 100 to 200. This is in USD.

  5. If it's smaller, has an optional table top mode, and the emulation is decent, then a buy doesn't hurt. Like an Arcade1up or something similar.

  6. My grandpa made a arcade cabinet from scratch for Steel Battalion (Yes, that game with the huge controller that is a serious collector) he put a TV, Xbox, and even a seat from a scraped car and a drape to darken the inside.

    I don't think he has it anymore though but it was super cool and creative but I do know he still has the full set.

  7. For modern games, I do not like being giving infinite lives and when you die, you appear a stone's throw away from where you died. Why not just give everyone God mode when dying has almost no risk.

  8. I remember when the original xbox came out I started finding arcades with gaming cabinets and a nintendo 64 inside the cabinet and controllers coming out. That was the true changing of times.

  9. I have the pandoras box 4+ with 815 games & the pandoras box 3D with 4018 games on. They are a great way to play all your arcade games for about £200. Me, the kids and our friends all love them, really worth it.

  10. I have 7 Arcade1Up and waiting on my Pinball that we pre ordered a few months ago . I don’t play them daily but I do play them several times a week in my game room . I do own all current Gen systems and by far PAC Man gets the most love out off all of my games . 42k is the current high score held by my nephew 🤩

  11. I like arcades a lot and have been playing them since I was a kid but for me it's too expensive and if the thing goes down and you can't play it anymore it can be a pain in the ass to get it working again

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