Ought to You Purchase a VAUXHALL INSIGNIA?

Ought to You Purchase a VAUXHALL INSIGNIA?

Right now I am within the exceptional, groundbreaking and not-at-all boring Vauxhall Insignia. Let’s have a look at what its like. I would be grateful for those who might give the video a thumbs up …

28 thoughts on “Ought to You Purchase a VAUXHALL INSIGNIA?

  1. The Vectra was a very worthy car. The Insignia has always been an utter pile of garbage. The Vectra C was developed by the German arm of GM, boring maybe, but reliable and solid workhorses. The Insignia has a big hand from the US GM division (think they are Buicks over there) as a result the are as reliable as a chocolate motorbike. Would never buy one and everyone I know who has owned one regretted it.

  2. Very good car. Nice to drive. You feel that if you decide you wanted to drive from Manchester to Barcelona then you would get there no problem. I love mine well worth the money

  3. Had a 3lt cdti absolutely stunning. Did a 1000 miles holiday in Somerset went every where & just over 1 full tank , n the performance was outstanding

  4. Nice balanced review as ever, much better than just slagging a car off. My daughter has recently purchased a 2011 insignia estate with the 2 ltr diesel. She loves the car but finds the gear change a little notchy, I wonder if this is normal for Insignias…🤔

  5. I do wish when people comment good or bad would state whether they have the petrol or diesel version , many with dpf issues i assume are diesels :((

  6. Insignias are wank. Just had to get rid of a 2016 insignia estate with 80k because the head gasket had gone. Never again pile of 💩

  7. Iv got a 62 plate 2l CDTI with 171k on the clock the only issue I had was the dreaded low oil pressure but had the seal replaced for £500 quite a big spend but over 4 years and 120k miles iv never spent more than the usual service breaks and tires

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