Ought to You Purchase a Used JAGUAR XE? (TEST DRIVE AND REVIEW)

Ought to You Purchase a Used JAGUAR XE? (TEST DRIVE AND REVIEW)

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  1. Another cracking drive . Sorry to sound like a creep but I really like your style; it's like going out for a drive with a mate…

  2. I have a '15 Portfolio 25t from new and in the five years I've had it it's been faultless. It has poor over-the-right-shoulder visibility, the sat-nav likes country lanes, but really my only complaint is that I didn't buy the V6.

  3. I would have loved one but I am now too old and stiff to get in and out of a salon car these days so it's an SUV which I can step in and out of, so folks treat yourself when you can before Anno Domini makes the decision for you.

  4. I'd normally agree about a manual jag, but these are designed to be fun to drive as well as being jaguarish. I'd go for a manual one of these any day.

  5. Matt, you moaned manufacturer’s have got it wrong and have gone for firm sporty suspension when they should go for comfort…. then say you would go for the R version…. mixed message 🤦‍♂️😂

  6. When u think about it. The xe was the next original xf. And new xf is sothing smaller than XJ. So to me the looks including the small tail and wide stance long nose is awesome and all it's own.

  7. I was working out recently (yeah, I need to get out more) that we've known 10 people who've recently owned BMW group products and 2 of them have had major problems. A 118d and a Mini Countryman with the 2 litre BMW diesel. The 118 was out of warranty and needed a new fuel pump (£1000+) and the Mini (still in warranty) needed a new turbo. If you can extrapolate that it means a 20% major failure rate! Two £1000 plus bills like that would put me off buying the 3-!Series.

  8. 6:54 "You could drive this all day long and you wouldn't walk through your front door looking like Quasimodo" Bang on the mark there, as a Jag should be…
    7:06 "…But you wouldn't want a manual Jag" You f**king what? Missed the mark by a country mile!

  9. Don’t you just know that, inevitably, this man is going to be spotted, then recruited, by a TV company. Blessed with calm and a quiet charm. Best of luck to him.

  10. I agree a lot with what you have said.
    I had one for a couple of weeks and I had 2 small children. It was a nightmare with baby seats and that shoe box of a boot.

  11. I have an XF , my daughter an XE, both in black. The problem is you can’t really easily tell the difference unless they sit side by side, which begs the question why buy an XE when for a little bit extra you have an XF ?

  12. Well, everybody wants something different. Not every person that buys the XE is a businessman that just wants something to drive. Those would buy a lexus or whatever else their friends have because they don't care. Nowadays most likely an SUV. But that it just one group. I have the XE S, I am a "businessman" and i bought it because RWD, great balance, sound, looks… I don't have much free time and not even that much time to actually drive, when I drive I want an occasion. I eventually take it to track and it is exquisite. The electronics are great in track mode, third gear out of a corner you can have power over steer, super easy to control. Trail braking also feels nice. It is just a beauty. It is not the best car for everyone, but it is by far the best for some.

  13. Hi, could you make a test of an automatic X-TYPE and compare it to XE? I know that many people compare it to Mondeo but V6(2.5 and 3.0) models after 2005 have nothing to do with Mondeo.

  14. Looks a classy car..I was considering seeking one out but I recently hired a Merc E300 D which was bloody lovely..not sure now which way to go 🤔

  15. Hello together, can somebody help me. i am from switzerland i want to buy this car but to be honest i dont know much about these care. We ususally drive more C – Class oder BMW 3. What about the long relibilitiy of this car. I saw an jag 2-0 diesesl 2016 its so beautifull. Can somebody give me more information does the car have problems? I would appreciate that very much. Sorry for my english 🙂 best regards from Switzerland

  16. Just got myself an XE 240bhp 2.0 Petrol R-Sport from 2015 with 24,000 miles. Honestly its one of the best cars I've driven, all the extras I could want, decently quick and around 40mpg. Such an underrated car I feel. (I've owned a few 3 series) don't know why they get bad reviews!

  17. I have an XE and agree with your analysis. Had a Mercedes C350 previously, which felt like it was built from granite. But even with winter tyres, it was shocking in the snow.
    The XE feels like its made from polystyrene in comparison. But its the 4wd 240bhp diesel, is quick, unstoppable in snow and returns over 50mpg on the motorway.
    Which you couldn't say that about many cars.
    Also, thoroughly agree with your Nurburgring comment, comfort is more important than a lap time.

  18. I nearly bought one of these a few years ago as the nearly new prices are very good. I just think, as with the A4 and 3 series, they lack any excitement. I think the stubby boot lets the design down. Great review again

  19. I fell in love with my Jaguar X type 2.2 estimate. So much so that I kept it for nine years… I swapped it for an 18 month old XE 2.0 portfolio . And fell in love with that as well. 16 Reg, I don’t have a heated steering wheel. But in the U.K. I will forgive that. I do have power fold mirrors, which is useful. Well recommended . A beautiful car. I’m keeping this for the foreseeable as well…

  20. i like how you pointed out that those who buy small saloon (a4, 3, c class, xe) doesn’t care about how fast the car can go, because not only the manufacturers that got it wrong, but a lot of journalist and car reviewers on youtube as well. nice one!

  21. I bought one in February 2020, 2.0d RWD portfolio 2015. Cream leather, maroon paintwork, auto box, 58mpg to and from work and £30 a year to tax. Not only the best car I have ever owned, it's the best THING I have ever owned!!! Beautiful to drive and beautiful to look at (from the front)

  22. hi martin bernard cooke hear from northwich in cheshire , i have jusr sold my jaguar x type 08 face lift 2.3 auto am very intrested in upgradeing to xf, i watch you review on the xf is the 2.7 that bad ?

  23. I bought my 2016, XE 2.0d AWD R Sport 30 months ago and love it as much now as the day I bought it. I use it daily for work and every time I get in it I still get the same joyful feeling. It is the only car that I have ever owned where random strangers have come up to me in car parks etc and tell me how lovely it looks or ask me questions about it. There is plenty of power and top end speed for the UK roads and I find it very comfortable. I keep records of everything I ever spent on it including fuel and to date I am averaging 48 mpg but give it some welly and that can rapidly drop. All my life I have wanted a Jaguar but have had to make do with practical, economic family cars but eventually I got my old man badge, mortgage paid and kids out and could actually buy something for me. I really wanted a sports car but as I can only afford one car had to compromise and decided to go for the XE because it is sporty but still has at least some practicality. In truth it is probably not very good at sport or practical but it drives brilliantly and just every now and then you find yourself on one of those brilliant, winding, undulating roads that are not full of pot holes and there is little or no traffic. Then you can switch to Dynamic mode and it really is the most fun with as much power, speed and incredible road holding a non professional driver could ever need. I have never had a Mercedes, BMW etc so cannot compare but for me I dont know how any other car would be better than my XE.

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