Ought to You Purchase a Prusa 3d Printer?

Ought to You Purchase a Prusa 3d Printer?

Prusa Analysis is without doubt one of the main suppliers of reasonably value 3d printers. This video compares 5 3d printers and helps the viewer decide if a Prusa i3 …

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  1. Was looking at a Prusa I3 today, $1590 here in Australia, Ender 3 V2 $360. With the cheap upgrade options for the Ender 3 it makes it a no brainer if you can use a screw driver. Thanks to Dr Vax's great videos showing the great and cheap upgrade options for the Ender 3 such as auto bed leveling, direct extruder drive (total cost $100 Au) I have a printer that does so much more for so much less and still the total time for building the printer and completing the mods is less than just the build time for the Prusa.

  2. I can't speak to the Ender 3 V2, but I owned an Ender 3 and in my opinion the problem with Creality is their quality control. If you were lucky enough to get a good one, you'd have almost no problems, but if you weren't lucky it'd lead to ongoing tweaking. I eventually got tired of dealing with the constant bed leveling and tinkering and bought an MK3s and would say it's worth every penny. Just my personal experience with the two.

  3. One of your best videos, which is saying a lot!!. I agree with your points and conclusions, but wish Prusa would produce a printer with a larger build size. I'm so happy with my Ender 5 Plus with the 350x350x400, and like you have most of my enjoyment with the mods

  4. Personally I would say the best printer for the money by far is the ender 3 V2. If correctly assembled it will produce prints indistinguishable from a prusa printer. Many other guides and reviews have shown this to be true. I Personally think the prusa is a bit overpriced for what you get. If you want to tinker with a printer you can upgrade an ender 3 V2 to have all the features and MORE than a prusa for less cost. But you'll have to do the upgrades yourself. If you're into that type of thing, I think the ender 3 V2 is the best bang for your buck.

  5. Have an Ender 3 v2 and a MK3S+. My Ender 3 v2 is collecting dust. I was able to get good prints out of it (note past tense), but something always needed fixing. Hot end fan emits loud noises only from a cold start, overheating motherboard (check Reddit) leading to layer shifts, Z-banding that could never be resolved permanently, buggy firmware support for BL Touch, do I need to go on? The MK3S+ kit had a single problem from assembly due entirely to my own fault, but support was fast and good and the issue was resolved completely. I would definitely recommend a Prusa to someone completely new to 3D printing.

  6. I went to prusa mini, reason is my creality cr-10 died in 3 months, support was horrible, than I picked up a Artillery Genius, it died after 1 month, had to replace entire hot end, cables, and all the boards, 3 months to get the parts, I am not sold on chinese quality control or their current politics, my prusa serves my purpose and chugging along, I print rc plane parts and WW2 table top pieces, nothing fancy, just alot of small batch runs. As lso after all the upgrades the prusa mini was about same price as the prusa mini.

  7. Another great video! Thank you. I disagree with 1 aspect of your analysis. I think that almost everyone would benefit by buying the Prusa MK3 as a kit. The reason is because they will learn how the machine works, how to fix things when something goes wrong (which will happen), how to modify your printer more easily (like adding the MMU unit. I could go on. But this is enough. Again, thank you.

  8. Awesome video as always.. The only thing that called my attention is you said the prusa mini doesn't have power lost recovery. I own a prusa mini+, so I know for a fact it doesn't have it. As far as I know, it will be implemented in the future.

  9. My go-to printer is my prusa MK3i. Nothing wrong with my Ender 5. Prusa is just a bit better (and way more expensive). Prusa just works out of the box. Ender needed some tuning. Prusa had profiles and a slicer that work. Ender needed to tune profiles in a slicer.
    I found it so easy to get into what you can and cannot do (and tuning!) when I had prusa and not only ender 5.
    I would still buy Prusa mk3i for the first printer (assembled) for the first printer if you can afford it. A reliable work horse. If money was tight I'd go for Ender 5 and get no regrets (and mostly similar enough print quality).

  10. I'd prefer a mixture of them all 😉 I'd like a direct extruder printer with an all metal hotend that doesn't have a small build area that isn't 1k bucks. But seriously, the Prusa seems to be my best choice, given that I'd like a printer for more difficult materials that also has a dual extruder option. I currently own the Ender 3 pro and I actually like it the way it is and therefore wouldn't want to upgrade it to direct drive. And the multi filament options are pretty limited. Which is why I'm planning on getting another printer. But the price tag for the Prusa with the dual extruder kit hurts more than I would like 😉

  11. I totally agree with your conclusions. I just got the Prusa Mini+ and the print quality is indistinguishable from its larger sibling's for PLA so far.

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