Ought to You Purchase a MITSUBISHI SHOGUN? (Take a look at Drive & Assessment) *AKA PAJERO MONTERO*

Ought to You Purchase a MITSUBISHI SHOGUN? (Take a look at Drive & Assessment) *AKA PAJERO MONTERO*

The Mitsubishi Shogun is a dying breed. It’s a correct off-roader quite than a watered down SUV like so many seen on the varsity run. Launched in 1983, it has …

25 thoughts on “Ought to You Purchase a MITSUBISHI SHOGUN? (Take a look at Drive & Assessment) *AKA PAJERO MONTERO*

  1. ask me how much pleasure I feel watching this. Pajero 2nd gen and shogun Will always remain never ending love!.

  2. I started driving one the very first generation back in 1991. Then came the next 2.8L turbo second generation, love it so much! After that I traded in for a V75, the 3rd generation which is a 3.5L GDI V6 engine. Had a terrible accident on road by I was fine and able to walk away from it unharmed. Now I own and drive the fourth generation which is this V98 model. Imported from Japan 2014 and put on over 200,000km on it! Only usual wear and tear. Love all the Pajero and I will keep this for very very long time. Thanks for your video and this is one of the most practical wagon you can own

  3. I had a 1996 MK2 2800 turbo lwd Shogun for 8 years. Brilliant truck, but terrible mpg (it was an auto). I was lucky to get 24 out of it on a run – down to 15-18 towing a van! It was like driving a sofa. Rust in the rear wheel arches got it in the end – but I sold it and only lost £7k over the 8 years in depreciation. It ran for another 5 years before disappearing off the MOT records at 200,000 miles.

  4. I need something that I can put a mountain bike in (without taking wheels off ideally). I've been looking slavishly at 4 wheel drives that will possibly do it and this looks like the only one which would possibly do it .Failing that, looks like it's a mini van but I really dont want to go down that road if I can avoid it.

  5. Superb off road, but they handle like a tractor, and the rear seat passengers will find the footwell far too shallow. Unless they’re less than 5’6”, they’ll have pins and needles in an hour. Stick someone in the rear on a long haul journey and the Damascus secret police could use it as a method of torture.

  6. Ive own my 2008 shogun/paj since 2014. Dash rattles crazy loud!, prone to problems with head gasket if you skip diesel fuel filter replacement. Drove it in 4×4 high (without center differential locked "orange light") for the las couple of years, it makes it safer and corners better.. Take into consideration I live in rural Costa Rica area where theres no paved roads. It starts and goes every time. 4.5star value

  7. Good videos , like 👍 your honest options on all aspects of brands ! If you can do the new Defender… I have a 300 Tdi being rebuilt at the moment, have it 9 years every day drive it’s a 1988 90” did the rear axel change with discovery swop axel , 300 Tdi , R380 gear box transfer box & vented discs & new callipers all round, new bulkhead, waiting for paint shop to call me marine blue & black roof … when finished should last another 30 years with care

  8. In my eyes, the Shogun or a proper off-road 4×4 just doesn't age. I was looking at the Discovery 4 but Im having a serious reconsideration and Im leaning more and more toward the Shogun.

  9. I'm tossing up between a Discovery 3 or a Showgun … my heart says Discovery my head says Showgun, what would you pick with a budget of around 10 grand

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