23 thoughts on “Ought to You Purchase a MERCEDES SL500? (Check Drive & Overview R230)

  1. Excellent REVIEW OF THE Sl 500. You will need 2 grand per year to repair stupid things that break
    for no reason. I had a 2003 with 25 thousand miles. Kept for 7 years. Rarely driven. Things would need fixing after weeks of just sitting in the garage. New parts were ridiculously expensive, like a Bentley or rolls Royce. Loved the car. Would have kept it but no one wants to pay for expensve repairs on a low mileage vehicle they seldom drive.

  2. I've been looking out for a nice SL500 or SL55. Would be coming from a Porsche. What has scared me a little is when you send every repair will be a grand. Can you give some more information on that or do you have a break down of what would cost that much? Normally, running the Boxster initial cost was high (first year, as always, around 2k) – thereafter its been a coupel of hundred for tyres/ABS sensors etc. But now, its all going well. I'm just worried that moving to a SL would be a mistake if I have to fork out 1k for every repair. I am semi-decent with a spanner and tool kit, and do a lot of my own work on the Porsche.

    Any reply would be greatly appreciated, as, if I am to buy one of these, I wouldn't look much further than yourself!

  3. Great video and a gorgeous car. The new ones are nice but don’t have the same sense of occasion these do and almost all Mercs now have fake exhausts!

    Not too much to compare this to, probably the BMW 645i which I love… that would be a hard choice. Didn’t you have one Matt?

    A bit late but Merry Christmas 🙂

  4. You’ve got to be the greatest salesman of all time. I can’t watch one of your videos without wanting one of whatever you’re selling. Keep up the great work!

  5. Beautiful car the SL is – it is almost up there with the Rover 75 for design exuberance and driver appeal. Pure class when driven by the tall, young, handsome, discerning driver – especially in Rover's Connoisseur trim. 😂😂😂😍

  6. Ran its saloon S500 version for 12 years and the only main items replaced were brake discs and treated myself to a mahogany steering wheel. Agreed on the battery problems if left standing but these usually went away after a couple of days back on the road. I still miss the air suspension as I crash along in a BMW but I dont miss the massive but uncomfortable seats and the satnav that required an Alan Turing intellect to program! As regards fuel if your worrying about that you've bought the wrong car.

  7. What always intrigues me is that the price of many of the cars you review are cheaper to buy in the UK than in the US. I live in the US and always thought that you could buy an apples to apples car cheaper in the US….. googled a 2006 Bentley Continental in the US with around 20,000 miles….. prices were anywhere from high $40k to mid $60k. Curious as to why you, or others, think that this might be the case….

  8. I'd be really interested to see a 2006-ish Jag XK review. I'm 29 and It's the classic 'old person car' but I've dreamed of owning one since I was a teenager. I have had the money before to get one but I wussed out. You can get them for around £6k but I'd perhaps look for one around £9k.

  9. Was in Portugal in the Summer, these cars sell for nearly £30k there. I have two, a 2012 350 and a 2003 SL500. The 500 sits in a garage on a trickle charger, pre 2005 models rust, so there’s a trade off, use it and get rust or store it and get bills. Still, having owned Porsches and the like, there’s nothing like the Sl. And what is the best Sl, you ask, well it’s the SL 500. I couldn’t bear to part with it, it’s all the car you’ll ever need!

  10. I have one, love it, even though it's the 2008 "Werthers" 350 edition! I also bought the Brian Long book about this car series. A fascinating read and a great insight into it's development. Thanks again for a great review… Merry Christmas! Nick (Cornwall)

  11. You need to let Tyler Hoover know about your MB specialist, maybe cheaper in the long run for him. He seems to have no end of MB AB suspension issues. Thought I doubt The Car Wizard would thank you. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, thank for the continued supply of entertaining information. Now, where is that Porsche video?

  12. The lines just flow on the SL R230 range and will do forever.
    Merc Audi BMW designers have just lost the plot, facelifting everything to pure ugliness IMO.

    The SL55 AMG is the baby to have.
    Had mine 4 yrs now with just 37k miles it's the dogs #####cks

  13. Can I ask your opinion mate? If you had about 10k and you wanted 4 doors and a decent size boot (to fit a pram in) but is quick… what would you get?

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