32 thoughts on “Ought to You Purchase a BMW X5 (Check Drive & Evaluation E70 X5 M)

  1. I just picked up a my11 x5m and i love the thing. I gave up my modified my16 wrx as we need to buy something to tow my wakeboard boat and i was looking at prado's and dual cab utes when i stumbed across one of these by accident. I never knew they existed . So glad i got it plenty of smiles driving it..

  2. thank you 🙂 I bought a couple of these recently. They really put a smile on your face. I am someone who hasn't had many SUV's cos they handle quite badly, I have no kids and i never go off roading. These handle GREAT, are quiet, smooth and pretty quick 😀

  3. as someone who has owned a 2006 E53 X5 4.8iS – DO NOT, buy that car. The fun never outweighed the constant fear of it breaking. I'm handy and did many things myself but there is no way around three things: The air suspension WILL fail, the transmission will always hunt gears and eventually fail, the N62 engine…. Do not get me started on the N62 engine (N62B48 for the 4.8iS) WILL ABSOLUTELY need heaps of work for the entire timing chain tensioner assembly as well as valve seals, both of those will fail.

    Just trust me, I loved that car but I should have bought something else.

  4. Having said all that I'm sure if somebody wants a powerful & discreet car with less than 60,000 miles on it for less than £20,000, they could do far worse. Have a look on Autotrader & you will see what i mean…..

  5. Well done Matt, you used the indicators. Did that X5 come with them or did you have to modify it? I will never understand why people buy 'SUV's' the nearest most of them come to going off-road is the maybe the curb at the school gate's. I once saw a Volvo XC90 go around a puddle in Stockport whilst on my way back to Waleybridge! All the best…………..

  6. Not comparing a Kia to a Range Rover, but for context I bought a new Kia Sorento exactly 5 years ago (2.2 litre turbo diesel) here in Australia. It's just had it's 5 year service, and all up I've spent A$2,457 or STG 1,2277 for the servicing over the past 5 years (1 service per year). The only other costs I've incurred are for two new tyres and some wiper blades. The car has done 60,000 kms or 37,300 miles. It's been a brilliant car, and best of all came with a 7 year warranty. So I have two year's warranty left on it.

  7. owned a E70 2011 4.0d, adaptive suspension. Best car ever, drove like a 911 in corners, incredible. Not a money pit, just pure drving pleasure. Still miss it every day….

  8. Good review, I have a 2008 x5 4.8 V8. Has been awesome till recently, issues with power-saver mode from ECU/steering angle sensor. That aside car drives great, assured on the road and you nailed the overview of the car in your review!

  9. Great review! But let me tell you the e70 is very capable off road! Absolute beast of a truck!! Mine continues to impress me every day😍

  10. I have driven one as a company car for many years, I only wish we had a contract with another manufacturer, can't get comfortable terrible road holding! Don't ever drive one in snowey conditions.
    Had to go to Scotland and back in 2 days had a week off after with bad back!!!
    The spec for the money is atrocious.
    Did same journey in my RR Sport what a joy.
    I will say it is a great workhorse and will do intergalactic mileage but would never have one as my personal car.
    The 2 accessories which are great though are the stealth blue lights and siren !!!!!!! lol

  11. I owned a 2011 X5 35d, I loved how it drives but that is about it, what a horrible unreliable POS, during 3 years I've had it so many things broke that in the end I was just afraid to drive it, waiting for the next thing to go bad. And anytime you bring it in the workshop for repairs will cost at least $1000 to $1500. If you do buy one, be prepared to spend an awful amount of money on it every year just to keep it on the road. I'm glad I got rid of that money pit!

  12. I have this X5 in Canada. 3.0 Litre diesel is brilliant, as you say. I am getting the next gen once again in diesel but I am getting the X5 M-Sport diesel. North American option includes the M Series seats, wheels, suspension and heads up display. A worth while opion for high milers like myself (50,000 kMs/year). Best handling, most aggressive diesel I have ever owned. I am giving it to my son. This car has 290,000kms and up to now has only cost me oil changes, brakes and tires. It now needs some front springs, but I am not complaining. Excellent car in the snow as well!

  13. I've got a e70 X5M exactly the same as the one you reviewed, and I love it! Yeah it's expensive in fuel but most of the parts are standard X5 so it's not too bad. Great family car and great fun too. Spot on review 👌🏻

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