Ought to I Purchase Subscribers on YouTube? Execs And Cons

Ought to I Purchase Subscribers on YouTube? Execs And Cons

It is tempting to purchase subscribers, is not it? Certainly, reaching your first viewers appears extraordinarily difficult to start with. So why do not you simply pay in your first …

20 thoughts on “Ought to I Purchase Subscribers on YouTube? Execs And Cons

  1. I feel everything is silly in you tube channel marketing. I make some really helpful & knowledgeable content, yet my subscribers are so less, views are limited. Looks like People just want to see some random comedy. Anyways,….just Hoping for best for my channel, as I am a toddler here.

  2. Everyone who's like "I'm not buying them, I'll do it the right way" has like 7 or less subscribers. How did I get here smh

  3. Is it possible to reverse a paid YouTube subscriber base to the initial number before buying the paid subscribers ?

  4. I just started like 2 weeks ago, I wish everyone luck.. We will achieve our goals, it's more fun to struggle for it so when it pays off that means it was definitley worth it!

  5. Always be yourself and you will do well. You buy subs and views then people will no your Fake, dont do it. Also am Sure youtube has a clear out of spam stuff so you could loose all them Subs and Views. I youtube for fun and thats how it should be, now my channel is doing well đź‘Ť

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  7. Buying subs will get your channel out there then you grind for the rest and your views will increase. The guy is mindless. Play the system.


  9. Thanks, I was about to do it but you convinced me not to, I will not do it I will not be happy with myself and I am sure that my content is good so I will be patient till have subscribers that love and like what I am posting and publishing as my first purpose from my channel is to help people not to have ghosts in my channel,
    to anyone, please have faith in yourself, be motivated and never give up till you make just keep working and delivering such good quality content, and be sure you are going to reach your goal.
    I will good day to all of you, patient and patient

  10. This is brilliant advice. Been creating videos for years and only just decided to pay attention to YouTube. Buying fake subscribers may be good for the ego but not for your business.

    Thank you for sharing

  11. This video explained the consequences.. But can anyone help if once we bought subs and started to loose views. What can we do to recover from it…? What we do if our views getting low?

  12. It’s always the algorithm. Thank you for the advice! My mom has been marketing my channel haha. I’ll wait patiently!

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