45 thoughts on “Ought to Californians be PANIC BUYING ammo earlier than July 1?

  1. I think everybody should take it from you because you working at Mo store and you know the laws you should buy as much ammunition as you can every state that you live in because this is the trend coming thanks to Bloomberg

  2. Taking a right away by force and then selling it back to you. This is going to hurt the poor people in shit neighborhoods that need a gun the most. It sounds like it's about time to use them California.

  3. These stupid bastard sheeple are panic buying again for no reason. All they are doing is making everything scarce and encouraging inflation. Stupid bastards, all because of the dem. Debates.

  4. Hey folks, just curious, July 1st has come and gone, how has the new laws affected buying ammo in California? Since the initial shock, has there been some adjustment/improvements, have you noticed changes In your local shops, like a larger focus on Reloading supplies and tools?

  5. I was totally unaware of this law, until I tried to buy some ammo on July 9. My driver's license is not the "real ID", so I had to come back with my passport. This was the $19 version. The state website software is written in some amateurish code (like maybe Python <- POS), and it won't play well with Chrome (data type ambiguity, I bet). Python programmers (I use the term loosely) have no clue about data structures (rank amateurs !). Had to use a different browser. Finally approved, 2 days later. The transaction generated even more paperwork. One sheet per each item (box of ammo). So we're really being environmentally friendly, by kill a few trees. Next purchases, will require only the $1 check, per the clerk (fingers crossed).

    Yes, an ammo black market is an easy call. Prohibition, and the war on drugs have taught them nothing !

  6. so how did it turn out? Was it put in effect?
    Funny that you didn't add your default disclaimer saying you're not promoting the sale of "prohibited items"… Ammo is not prohibited as such, is it? I guess they'll have to see some bad home fires with home explosions before they see this was a bad system. It does not make it any safer, and it promotes wholesale making people buy huge amounts of ammo in one go.

  7. And that’s why I’d never step foot in Cali there so liberal it makes me sick I had a chance to go there for free with a friend chose not to won’t give them a pennie of my money

  8. Californians should be "reloading" period, once they try to control you by the balls….take the next step, stock up and do your own. I started reloading 2 years ago when the bullshit started blowing in the wind……And I live in Texas 🙂 Vote them in and they F$!? YOU!!!

  9. Real ID…. it’s just a money grabbing scheme… this is not going to help no one…….. it’ll be coming to New Jersey next. This is a joke.

  10. Running the gun industry's out of state. All awhile the legal marijuana craze has people flocking there with no plan on becoming a productive citizen. Way to go commiefornia!

  11. Then something will happen and they will have a Longer time to wait or more extensive background check more fees. Even through it will never stop the nut jobs. Only hurting the law abiding.

  12. Prohibition breeds more crime, just look at America during 1920-1933! They tried to ban alcohol and it invited in the criminal organized crime syndicates! Law abiding citizens are going to be considered criminals, while a tyrannical government continues to oppress their God given Constitunional Rights! Commiefornia deserves all these earthquakes they are experiencing right now (July 4th – Indepedence Day – Aftershocks!) They want to secede?!? Let them fall into their demise, like the movie 2012!

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