38 thoughts on “Off-duty cop pulls gun on man shopping for sweet at California comfort retailer

  1. Wait why would he pull a gun? Even if he was stealing that candy he could've used his voice, a candy is not worth using that king of force…

  2. Yes very arrogant all of these police should be fired how much do people suppose to take before the violence is brought directly to the officers because as citizens we can no longer trust them with our safety,especially when they are the danger….

  3. He asks if the man paid for it and assumed that he tried to steal…but he also told that man to take his cash back from the cashier he just handed the money to? I,what?-

  4. How police hires people:

    Interviewer: where do you see yourself after 5 years
    Guy being interviewed: shooting men for buying mentos
    Interviewer: you are hired, Next!

  5. The NEWS is EVIL and wants to control your mind, that is the real story here.

    While what the cop did is bad, what is worse is the #FAKENEWS making some questionable edits to the video to skew the story and control your mind! First at 0:08 you can see the cop is already positioned behind customer when it does appear he reaches over counter and puts candy in pocket when clerk is looking at register. At this point the news commentator states "puts candy in pocket BEFORE off duty….officer walks in", video then cuts to cop walking in at 0:12 and there is NO clerk at register, also a man in plaid shirt standing next to him, and guy is turning probably to see where clerk is! It then cuts to 0:14 with guy turned making it look like cop just got there when customer is getting ready to leave–notice guy in plaid is no longer there at this point. THIS IS the #FakeNews at it's worst.

  6. This cop needs to get fired he’s a racist wake up America. Donald Trump release a lot of these people to oppressed people of color.

  7. This is the problem. We have gotten to the point where police think it's normal to pull a gun to coerce COMPLIANCE , not because their lives are in danger. Whatever training these guys get has to be explicit: deadly force is NOT authorized to simply compel compliance. It is an unnecessary, unlawful and potentially deadly escalation of the continuum of force.

  8. I hate corrupt cops, but defunding the police is an incredibly bad idea. Can't we just have well-trained, well-supported, & honest cops?

  9. 50 cents or $50 millions stolen by a small thief or tax-evaded by a thuggish US president like Donald Trump, in both the incidents crimes comitted by 2 criminals and needs to be stopped.
    If a good citizen want to see a crime free, better world support HGP Platform for a possible CRIME FREE GLOBAL COMMUNITIES ALL OVER THE WORLD.

  10. Integrity board, should be half retied cops with good background, and reg. we the people.Clergy, lawers doctars janitors. teachers like jury duty, only they are on board voted in??,

  11. He needs to be fired charged for abusing his bage all the cops should be held accountable just like you an me if we did the crime we would be locked up for it

  12. These bad apples are not few they are bye the bushels, Maybe truckloads.more videos every day, gun pulled for candy. someone could have died.

  13. if that cashier was a sly thinker, after the dude said are u sure he paid for it, he shulda said yea, unless u wanna work behind the register and ill pull a gun out on some1 buying candy

  14. Police deal with every type of trash. Just because you refuse to see it or aknowledge it exists doesnt stop it from existing. Cops cant be nice if you give these folks even an INCH theyll manipulate and take advantage of you til they get their way. Its hard to be a cop

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