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  1. I tried calling the Polaris Project to see how I can get more involved in fighting this issue. Unfortunately, the people who picked up are not given very good training either! I was given an RCMP Human Trafficking National Coordination Center because I'm in Canada. I called them, got a guy on the end who didn't know who I should talk to, who transferred me to another guy, who also didn't know, who transferred me to an out of service number. Then I recalled Polaris Project again. Same issue.Help?

  2. It's saying that 80% of the total of men AND women are women and 50% of the total of men and women are children (so the kids who are female are counted in both counts- for being female and for being a child.) It's just trying to say that 80% of the slaves are female and 50% of the total of males and females are minors. Does that make more sense?

  3. I agree with what this video is trying to say, but "80% are women, 50% are children"? That's a total of 130% without including men. That doesn't make sense.

  4. This is the most important human rights issue today! We need to work together to stop human trafficking and child slavery. You can make a difference!

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