7 thoughts on “Not For Sale | Human Trafficking

  1. This has really rubbed me the wrong way thanks for spreading awareness will the support the movement against human trafficking x

  2. This makes me sick. I'm very passionate about bringing this to an end for good. It is infuriating to me that so many people have had to experience the pain and torment of this and it still happens not only in foriegn countries but also right here in America. These people will stop at nothing, a Human life means nothing to them. With today's technology there are victims that don't even realize what is happening to them, by the time they do these disgusting people have already done all they can to discredit them and use whatever underhanded tactics they can think of to try and ruin their victims. The sad part is, there are so many people who take part in this because they're after money and not enough truly good people fighting against it.

  3. Hi – how can i get a .mov format of this video? I would like to show it but the venue will not have wifi to play the youtube version. thanks

  4. @Eztef2009 U can go to website called GEMS and help… Rod Parsley also does alot of work to help. The main thing is to get ppl to understand how serious and prevelent it is. Keep your eyes open and dont be afraid to speak up.

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