19 thoughts on “Northwest Bus Gross sales Used ABC Freightliner 29 Passenger Mid Dimension Bus with Restroom S70411

  1. I like it, like the videos… but could do without the "Mmm-mmm" and "Oh yeah" throughout. And be steady with that camera work… get back a bit to take in the whole driver's compartment and other features, shaking back and forth and bring too close is nauseating. Take a cue from Las Vegas Bus Sales…. when they do a video, there is no commentary. They just show it!

  2. busco personas o empresas de buen corazón para donarme este bello autobús para poder trabajar y sacar adelante a mi familia de antemano les agradezco con todo mi corazón

  3. That is no shuttle bus, that is your rare motorcoach wanna be. Usually you see them when a company is just starting out because they're cheap.

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